Goodell said NFL will be working to get the right laws on N.C bathrooms

On the Friday ESPN Radio broadcast of “Mike and Mike,” NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said the league will be working to “get the right policies and the right laws in place” in North Carolina in response to the state’s “bathroom law.”
“[O]ur position on discrimination is very clear. We were very open that, in Georgia, when they were — the governor was considering signing a bill that that could impact our decision on a future Super Bowl. We do have a league meeting in Carolina in a couple weeks. It will be a one-day meeting. And we have a team operating there. And we want — we feel like we should be there, as a league, and as a team, and try to work to try to get the right policies and the right laws in place, and we will do that,” Goodell stated.
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**NFL Commish Goodell on NC Bathroom Law: We’ll ‘Try to Get the Right Policies and the Right Laws in Place’ - Breitbart

**How about staying out of poliltics and influencing the law and pay more attention to preventing your players from being felons, beating women, doing drugs, choking and strangling women, threatening to kill women, etc. and Super Bowl half time shows glorifying the New Black Panther Party? The more I see of Goodell, the more I wonder if his marriage to Jane Skinner is a marriage of convenience. Maybe that was why she was always flirting with Shephard Smith on the air. I guess she didn’t realize she was barking up the wrong tree.


Do we really need yet another Trannies in the Toilet thread?

Yeah, barking up the wrong tree is right. Shep is most definitely gay, and not interested in females in the slightest.

I thought this was about Trannies in the NFL’s bathrooms.

If I were King or rather the head of the NFL, I would change the way players get paid:

You would get a base wage depending upon position. Each year you get an increase in pay based upon a under contract pay scale. Pay would not be much, say starting at $100,000 for a 1st year lineman position and go up 25% each year you play.

Now we get to the sweetness: Play in a playoff game you get 25% x base pay, your team win and you get another 25% x base pay bonus. You rack up more yardage than the other players and you get 25% X base pay. You set a league rushing record or other record and you get 25% of your base pay etc etc.

In other words you get paid for performance and or for winning.

The target: If you play on the winning Super Bowl team you get big money simple as that.

The point being winners win and losers lose, kinda like reality. Instead of the system they have now where every player makes MILLIONS were they suit up or not or produce or not.