Google Censoring Torrent Search Suggestions: 7 Terrible Things They Don't Censor


Google Censoring Torrent Search Suggestions: 7 Terrible Things They Don’t Censor |
please read the article since it is mostly pictures, and I don’t want to copy paste.


Well, I’m not going to bring up the whole article, because of my slow download. But Google is a private company, not a government agency, they can make whatever rules they want. “Censoring” normally applies to government restrictions of (speech, press, etc).


They are being forced by a Lobbying organization which lobbies for governments to make certain downloading certain material illegal, and punishable by law IE the RIAA, the MPAA, and other copyright organizations.


Forced? No way. They may be pressured, and thinking they are taking the wisest path in response, but, no, they are not being forced.


This is a load of sludge. It’s true that typing in “bittorren” in the Google search bar won’t net you any suggestions, but try the same thing with “bit t”. Not only is the first and only suggestion that comes up BitTorrent; it’s actually a direct link to their homepage.

EDIT: Also, does anyone remember the uproar over Google suggestions for “islam is”? Well, this made me think of it, so I tried it again, and it looks like they’ve got it working. Among the first suggestions are “islam is evil”, “islam is of the devil”, “islam is bullshit”, and “islam is stupid”.


It thought the RIAA learned there lesson the last time they were paid a visit by Anonymous. Guess they need another visit. Not to mention people who are in the Know don’t need google to find torrents or torrent sites.


IT’S NOT CENSORED. Seriously, try it yourself. Just make sure to put a space between the two 't’s.


I acquire all of the Linux Distro’s that i test and use via Torrent software.

It is by far the quickest way to get a verified .ISO and enables many small outfits who create and modify the Linux Kernel to get their work out without the cost of running a server and buying bandwidth.

Condemning “Torrent’s” just because it is possible to send copyrighted work using them is not any smarter than condemning E-Mail because copyrighted work can be passed via E-Mail.

Or condemning the file compression system .Mp3 just because it can be used to compress copyrighted audio files as well as any other audio file.

Should hand held digital cameras be banned because they save the video in .AVI format and .AVI is a common format used in archiving copyrighted movies and TV shows?

This is no different than the Lefty’s who condemn the gun instead of the shooter.

These technologies and methods are fantastic and a great blessing to many, condemning them because they can also be used in an illegal way is ridiculous.


Is anyone going to listen to me and try it out for themselves? :bored:


You are correct, it worked just the way you said.


Last time I tried one of those Torrent sites I picked up that rogue security systems bug.


Suds I was just sayin… I couldn’t careless if the had censored it or not. I know my way around such barriers.


In any case, google’s about the biggest copyright violator and pirate of them all – even though they’ll remove content if asked after the fact.


I find it hilarious that they claim these are “censors” but when you put like the last couple letters it gives you a bunch of suggestions and the sites you’re looking for. The “Downloading to” example is the best. Downloading to WHAT? To Download to MAC? Download to PC? Download to Phone? Download to Car? Download to FTP? Download to etc etc etc etc etc etc etc. There are so many possible suggestions that you need to give it more input. Truly stupid. A computer will not always be able to think for you. Geez


Don’t look now, but there is a google ad for torrents up there now:ninja:


Hey, Maylar. Glad to see you back.


Just use the site “Toorgle”. It works just absolutely fine. And it’s powered by google!!!


Toorgle is nothing. Just use, torrents search via DHT, automatically seeded. The pirate bay, isohunt, and of course btjunkie.


I don’t know man. I did a search in btdigg and one in toorgle; and there was no comparison in how many more options came up with toorgle. Try it is all I can say.


Everyone of those torrents have seeds, since they are floating around on DHT, through the bittorrent network. If DHT is on, you will find it.