Google Influenced Midterm Elections, May Have Cost Republicans Seats: Study


People have been suggesting for a few years now that Google makes it’s search engine results favor Democrat candidates and that could affect election results. Well now there’s research that indicates that’s what happened in 2018.

Epstein and AIBRT analyzed Google searches linked to three highly
competitive southern California congressional races in which 
Democrats won, and found that Google's "clear democrat bias" may
have flipped the seats away from Republican candidates. According
to the study, at least 35,455 undecided voters within the three
California districts may have been persuaded to vote Democrat due
to the biased Google search results. 

Analysis of this data showed a clear pro-Democrat bias in
election-related Google search results as compared to competing
search engines. Users performing Google searches related to the
three congressional races the study focused on were significantly
more likely to see pro-Democrat stories and links at the top of
their results.


Without digging into the article or knowing how they studied this, it’s hard to be sure. But I wouldn’t be surprised…