Google is Winning

Every time I download a program they want to download Google Chrome.

OK I did and left it sitting in my list of programs. All of a sudden websites I frequent don’t work, can’t pay bills online etc…

Last couple days I can’t get on RO UNTIL I open up Google Chrome. I can pay my bills now and etc., as long as I use Google Chrome.

It’s a conspiracy I tell you… :devil:

At least Google Chrome gives you green and red signals to warn you about sites that have viruses on them.

My anti-virus program does that.

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You may have to change your preferences. I have Chrome - as a “special-use” browser. If I wanna go to the bank website or Amazon, logged in…I use Chrome. For messing around, like here, I use Firefox. No hacker can get my sooper-sekrut passwords through Firefox; and Chrome is only running a few times a month.

On this, my Windoze Ate box, I have Internet Exploder as my “preferred” browser. I never use it…when I want to do like I’m doing now, I just click Firefox. I do have a few limited uses for IE as well…it’s about as secure as a sieve.

Password saving should be no problem. You can go look at your passwords on your other browser (depends on which one and what version) and then take a screenshot when they’re displayed (the WINDOWS button and PrSc) and then copy them down (with pen and paper) and log in with Chrome. Save passwords, and you should be good to go.

I don’t even use official Chrome. I find browsers like Torch and Opera(that use the same engine as official Chrome) to have more useful integrated features.

Plus, they disable Google’s spying code.

I use a “separate” password manager.