GOP: 40% of every small-business dollar goes to pay for federal regs


GOP: 40% of every small-business dollar goes to pay for federal regs
Posted 10/13/2012 09:14 AM ET

I’m proud of what we’ve accomplished (getting his family’s plumbing business out of deep debt - PeteS), especially when I think back to how unsure I was about what I was getting into. Many of the folks I meet on the campaign trail have the same hesitation about the challenges our country is facing. They ask me, have we gone too far off track? Do you really think we can turn this around?

My answer, hands down, is yes. And I know exactly where I and many of my fellow small businesses would start.

Right now, I spend more than 40 cents of every dollar the company takes in on complying with regulations. You heard that right: more than forty cents. When I first started using that figure, people would say, ‘wait, you’re talking about taxes too, right’? Nope, that is just what we spend on regulations.

You don’t have to take my word for it. The Small Business Administration recently revealed that federal regulations cost small businesses $1.7 trillion per year.

And this is before most of ObamaCare takes effect.

Some regulations are necessary, e.g. building codes. But these aren’t the subject of this speech. The paperwork to “prove” compliance with a rats nest of regs - non-discrimination, disposal of toxics the business doesn’t even use, “safety” regs that similarly have nothing to do with the business, regs and tax laws that have employee head-count trip-wires … . High taxes and excessive regulations are strangling businesses by diverting $$ and people resources from the activities of the business and possible expansion; the threat of more taxes and further regulation create uncertainty that cause businesses to hold back from trying to grow. A tax-and-regulate government, like Pres. Obama’s, like Gov. Brown’s (and Schwarzenegger before him) stifle business and kill jobs.


Okay, Pete, although Markwayne Mullin doesn’t specifically state that cutting regulation is where he’d start, I take it that’s his message.

It’s also what Romney’s been inferring.

How do I convince my kid who has 1 full-time, and 2 part-time employees not to give up when he’s right at the edge of doing so, and has little faith that Romney’s going to do any better? - Or guys like Mullin in the House of Reps.?

  1. Tell him Romney cannot do it alone, he needs a supportive Congress unless he choses to act like our current DIC (dictator in chief), so vote for CAPITALISTS ONLY

  2. Keep it under 50 employees, albeit if 'Bammy gets reelect expect that to drop to 25 and some in the EPA want it to drop to 15, if that happens it will wipe out most businesses across the US…