I’m loving it!

The GOP Establishment Panics Over Trump… And Cruz

The Republican Establishment is in a panic…

…With the GOP stable cleaned, the party had new energy. Two years later the GOP won 47 House seats and increased their numbers in the Senate. Among the gubernatorial winners was a million-vote landslide in California for Ronald Reagan. Two years later Richard Nixon would become the first of four elected Republican presidents who dominated the political scene from 1968 until 2008—a stretch of forty years…

Establishment Republicans love to talk about the “Big Tent,” a phrase of my old friend the late Lee Atwater. But Lee’s idea of a Big Tent and the current GOP Establishment’s idea of a Big Tent are two very different animals. Lee made a point of doing things like attending professional wrestling matches because he loved to talk to the people in the audience—which, to say the least, were hardly country club Republicans. In 1980 Ronald Reagan made it a point to court evangelicals who, it is now long forgotten, first appeared on the national political scene in 1976 as supporters of the born-again Jimmy Carter. That approach by Reagan brought a personal and political friendship with the Reverend Jerry Falwell. The “Christian Right” or “Religious Right” as its critics called it streamed into the Big Tent, along with Reagan Democrats—and GOP landslides ensued…

The kicker? All of this “Big Tent” outreach drove the GOP Establishment of the day crazy…GOP figures who love to talk the inclusion game but when push comes to shove, they want to shove the conservative of the moment—Ronald Reagan, Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and a long list of others—out of the tent…

…One of the real reasons for the Establishment GOP panic over Donald Trump is that Trump is bringing in new blood to the GOP, as Reagan himself did over the howls of the GOP Establishment of his day. A look at the internals of the new Quinnipiac shows the same phenomenon with Trump that was on display with Reagan. Trump is running away with the Tea Party vote, the self-identified “Born Again Evangelical vote,” the “Very Conservative” and “Somewhat Conservative” vote, the “Moderate to Liberal vote,” not to mention the women’s vote and the men’s vote.

…This is exactly what a Republican nominee needs to accomplish. To bring in those “outside the tent” regardless of religion, gender, race or political philosophy. Recall as well that December, 1979 Gallup poll that was published in the New York Times that had then-President Carter beating Reagan 60%-36%, with Carter pollster Pat Cadell saying he was “salivating” over all the data in the poll that showed Carter would trounce Reagan. Also in the New York Times even earlier, in February of 1978, was a cover magazine story by longtime correspondent Tom Wicker pronouncing the GOP’s “divisive right-wing may be abating and the party may be moving toward a broader middle ground.” Two years later Reagan defeated Carter in a landslide, bringing in with him the first GOP Senate in over a quarter of a century…

…Cut to today and this week’s latest Times prediction of disaster and nothing, nothing, has changed in the almost forty years since those dire predictions that Reagan would doom the GOP…

…And whatever else that long piece about panic in the GOP over Trump—and Cruz—says, that is precisely why they fear both men. Because the election of either means the status quo is toast.


I’m loving it!

Be careful what you wish for. You won’t be loving it when Hillary’s in the White House, and the Senate’s in the control of the Dems.


The GOP Establishment–and those like Jazzhead who routinely support them and their go along to get along attitude–are already toast. People are beginning to see through the smoke and mirrors that they’ve used to socialize American government and society in general. I credit the “alternative media” for this, too. I don’t know that Trump is “the answer,” but I do know that the usual establishment-types don’t have a ghost of a chance in being elected this cycle. Bush, Christie, Pataki, Kasich are dead in the water. Americans don’t WANT a “New World Order.” What most of us want is our country back. The country that has been historically viewed as the hope of all mankind. The country that applauds financial success and doesn’t want it punished. The country that the people of other countries would like to emulate. The country of unlimited opportunity…which the socialists and communists want destroyed. The world’s leader in innovation, invention, medicine and which allows its people the means to protect themselves and their property from predators.


An “establishment type” will indeed be elected next year. Her name is Hillary Clinton. That’s the establishment you should be fighting.


I was reading some article that said Cruz was not a very nice man and people who have worked with him hate him. I figured it for another hit piece from the GOP. What cinched it for me was the assertion that Boehner had been asked about Cruz and Boehner gave the middle finger.


Yes. People like you were predicting that Carter would CREAM Reagan in the 1980 elections and we all know how that turned out. And, NO, I am not comparing Trump to Reagan.


[QUOTE=Jazzhead (C&P from quote)]An “establishment type” will indeed be elected next year. Her name is Hillary Clinton. That’s the establishment you should be fighting.[/QUOTE]
You first, Mister Hillary-before-Trump.


People like me? I supported Reagan in 1976, four years before he won the nomination. Trump is no Reagan.


He also said that he was not comparing Trump to Reagan. But, as usual, you conveniently ignored that.


You really don’t read very well, do you? I’m talking about the doom-sayers in the GOP Establishment (like you are today) who thought Reagan would destroy the GOP and Carter would beat him 3 to 1. THEY were wrong then just as YOU are wrong today. Regardless of how much she wants it, Hillary will NEVER be President…at least not of the U.S. The ONLY possibility of that happening will have to be vote fraud on so massive a scale that even those who doubt it happened in 2008 and 2012 will HAVE to acknowledge it and the country will rise up in indignation.


If willful ignorance keeps you happy, Dave, then carry on.


Right back atcha, Jazzhead.


The one thing we need to recognize is we conservatives need to support the candidate(s) the left attempts to destroy and shun anyone/thing the left says we need to support. Basing our strategies/support based upon what a leftist tells us we need to do would be akin to letting someone who wants us dead to perform open-heart surgery on us.

Democrats have been telling us for DECADES that we need to “court the moderates/independents”…while they court their base. Lemme see…we solidified our base with Reagan and “courted the middle” with McCain and Romney.

Do the math