GOP Second Choice Poll.


Who’s YOUR second choice? Given we have a good amount of time til the primaries, there’s a chance any of these might not be available, so you have the option of selecting multiple candidates.


Right now, my first choice is Ted Cruz. If pressed, I’d have to say my second choice is Carly Fiorina. A Cruz/Fiorina slate would be unbeatable.


If this were a sane country, Cruz/Fiorina would be a winning combination. But they would lose in a very expensive and very close race. Illegal aliens would make the difference. Cruz doesn’t have the SILENT MAJORITY, although he has been very smart and has campaigned for them. Trump loses and the SILENT MAJORITY stay home.

And it’s over for America.


I haven’t made up my mind yet, and probably won’t for a while. If the election were held today, I’d vote for Kasich, with Rand Paul being my second choice. Kasich comes closest to what conservatism means and has meant to me over the years - that optimistic, public-spirited and compassionate brand espoused by Kemp, Reagan and Dubya. Paul appeals to my libertarian side - get the damn government out of both the boardroom and the bedroom.

I don’t favor Cruz because he represents the TEA party brand - selfish and mean-spirited. He’s a divider, not a uniter. But he probably (along with Jeb Bush) has the best tax reform proposals. And he sure can articulate conservative economic theories well. As much as I despise Trump and the weaklings he attracts, I respect the Cruz supporters - there’s a lot of substance and heft behind their candidate. I blanche at Cruz’s extremism but I would support him in the general.

Rubio of all the candidates best projects the inspiring spirit of Ronald Reagan. He’s got a beating heart, which is more than I can say for Cruz or Trump. It’s unfortunate that he has by far the worst tax reform proposals. Almost alone among the candidates, his proposals would likely retard rather than unleash economic growth, and, as Rand Paul pointed out in the last debate, his refundable child tax credit would create another gigantic entitlement.

Fiorina is attractive in many ways; she’s articulate to the max and would bitch-slap Hillary in a debate. But her foreign policy pronouncements are just too bellicose for me.

Christie I keep listening to and considering seriously. I appreciate that he is, almost alone, focusing his fire on the real enemy rather than engage in conservative fratricide.

Carson’s an inspiring guy with a solid take on Christianity. I don’t yet see what qualifies him to be President.

Bush is worthy of support, but carries too much symbolic baggage. The name hurts among the general public, and among conservatives he’s become (unfairly) a symbol of the “establishment”. It’s a false charge, and Bush’s conservative credentials and RECORD are substantial, but like so many I’m looking for a fresher face.

And then there’s Trump, that populist bigot and demogogue who attracts the angry and weak-minded. I despise the man and what he stand for. He’s the new Nixon, not the new Reagan. As Jerry Garcia sang, I won’t slave for beggar’s pay, likewise gold and jewels. But I would slave to learn the way to sink that ship of fools.


I don’t know who you think comprises “the silent majority” but I’ve not seen anything that would lead me to believe that Trumettes are “silent” about ANYTHING. They are the same sorts who trumpeted (no pun intended) the virtues of Ron Paul in the last two elections and he went NOWHERE. Trump WILL NOT be the GOP nominee. That’s a fact and you might as well get used to the idea and come up with a second “choice” yourself, Reason10.


Currently I can only see myself voting for Cruz, Carson or Fiorina.


Maybe a bit of clarification would be in order. This thread’s purpose is not really to ping somebody else’s choice. Instead it is to allow you to express why **you **are voting for you are voting for. For my part, Santorum is a second choice because, other than Governor Huckabee, he has most clearly and eloquently articulated a Social Conservative worldview. I have others, but that’s the kind of information that will prove most helpful to somewhat undecided voters like me.