Gore's Current TV Up For Sale

Gore’s Current TV Up For Sale
By Noel Sheppard
October 26, 2012 | 01:32

According to the New York Post, there has been enough interest in the television channel nobody watches let alone heard of that CEO Joel Hyatt has decided to shop around for offers.

“Current has been approached many times by media companies interested in acquiring our company,” Hyatt told the Post.

He’s apparently had three inquiries.

Hey! With $20 and a few million $$ in “Stimulus” funds (for operating expenses), maybe I could own my own vanity TV channel!

I only watch Current when Free Speech (FSTV) is showing something I’m not interested in viewing. It’s pretty neat; each day, on my on-screen TV guide, they publish a condensed list of almost everything I’m not interested in watching. Some nights it’s a tough call. Just the other day I had a choice between something that looked like Homosexual Perspectives on Farming versus the pedestrian possibilities of another night watching Harris Faulkner read me the news of the day over on FNC. I may die watching the news, and if I’m going to die watching the news, it’s going to be gazing into the obsidian eyes of Harris Faulkner, in which a man can lose himself, or perhaps contemplating the culmination of the thousands of years of engineering involved in properly supporting the assests of Juliet Huddy and Shannon Bream. Watch Al Gore for five minutes and I defy you to come up with a reason to keep on living. I like Megyn Kelly also but, what with Cam stalking her, you can’t get close to her.


Current TVs entire line programming is based on showing clips of Fox news and making fun of them.

Something to do with an ear of corn???

So basically a mirror of MSNBC and The Young Turks.

I do not want to know…

Wow! I could so improve that schedule: Rocky & Bulwinkle; pre-1970 Bugs Bunny, Roadrunner, et al; Daria; Man from UNCLE. For a start, anyway …

/howler :howler:

(Its posts like this that make life bearable as one mixes among the liberal cretinous philistines here in Digital World.)

Post 6 Here:

Good lord, Sway, you have a way with words.

[quote=“Jebby, post:3, topic:36791”]
[/quote] That was sarcasm …and a joke Jebby. Just like the comment about me stalking Megyn Kelly, when everyone knows she hit on me first. :whistle:

I already helped her file the restraining order.