Gorka: Ruth Bader Ginsburg


Take it for what it’s worth. :thinking:


I don’t wish her ill, but God bless President Trump and his pre-selected list of originalist judges.


I had no idea that she was actually young once!:thinking:


She obviously didn’t age well. Could it be the result of being such a sour, far-left loon?


If it’s really happening, what will ensue is a nomination process with another shameless temper tantrum by the Dems after Schumer has been screaming “temper tantrum!” about Trump regarding the border wall…


Yeah, when everyone was like “Lol, they picked Felicity Jones to play her!!!? Comeon!”
I was like… eh, she was actually pretty cute when she was younger.

Much like Hilary Clinton.

Who looks quite a bit like Hayden Panettiere

Skin care and hair is extremely important. It’s the reason Mitt Romney is actually the same age as President Trump and two years younger than Bernie Sanders, but doesn’t look it.


I can’t believe that Ginsburg would ever resign from the Supreme Court given her attitudes toward conservatives and the prospects for her replacement. I can only see her dying in office no matter how bad her health becomes.


She always believed that, which is why Obama wasn’t able to replace her. She was ok with O’Conner leaving, because she left because she was tired of it, not because the right President was in office. She didn’t like Steven’s reasoning in particular, because he told her he’d just as soon stay for a few more years, but worried he may be replaced by a Republican. She objected to the strategic use of retirements to “pack the court” so to speak. While I’m sure she’d rather be replaced by a justice selected by Clinton over Trump, she didn’t believe in retiring early to preserve the party presence.

She’s not alone in this. Scalia and Thomas both feel the same way. Thomas has made no bones about this, he intends to die on the bench. If a Republican is president when that happens - great. But he is NOT going to step down in 2022 for fear that AOC will choose his replacement.


The verb “bork” entered the lexicon in '87 when Judge Bork was treated very unfairly by Democrats and was ultimately rejected.

They did the same thing but even more viciously to Judge Thomas, but they violated their own taboo by attacking a black man, so Thomas prevailed by calling the attack and lies an “electronic lynching.”

I’ve wondered why we didn’t turn “Thomas” into a verb, but I guess the it’s because the attack ultimately failed. Also, “thomas” doesn’t sound nearly as good as “bork”.

But the assault on Judge Kavanaugh was an order of magnitude more vicious and hateful than anything before. Grief, they lied like a pack of ravenous Nazis. Even though it failed, I expected kavanaugh to make it into the language as a verb. We could all be kavanaughed at any time if it’s advantageous to the Democrat state.

The problem is, it’s hard to spell. Also, fortunately, the attack failed.


Are we ready to rumble?

It doesn’t matter who Trump nominates, this will make the Kavanaugh confirmation look civilized.