Gorka: Ruth Bader Ginsburg


Take it for what it’s worth. :thinking:


I don’t wish her ill, but God bless President Trump and his pre-selected list of originalist judges.


I had no idea that she was actually young once!:thinking:


She obviously didn’t age well. Could it be the result of being such a sour, far-left loon?


If it’s really happening, what will ensue is a nomination process with another shameless temper tantrum by the Dems after Schumer has been screaming “temper tantrum!” about Trump regarding the border wall…


Yeah, when everyone was like “Lol, they picked Felicity Jones to play her!!!? Comeon!”
I was like… eh, she was actually pretty cute when she was younger.

Much like Hilary Clinton.

Who looks quite a bit like Hayden Panettiere

Skin care and hair is extremely important. It’s the reason Mitt Romney is actually the same age as President Trump and two years younger than Bernie Sanders, but doesn’t look it.