Got terrorism?


On a totally serious note, I was wondering if there was any anti-American terror yesterday…besides from CNN of course.
There has been the usual fear mongering the past few days and if anything came of it, I have not heard.
Oh, and there is BIG LEAGUE TERROR:[SIZE=2] the “NUTSY” in Pyongyang shooting off ICBM’s…I will not be surprised if SEAL TEAM SIX knocks on HIS door this week…Or employs some believable “friendlies” to do the deed, in a way that will make our enemies (the Democrats) cower.
Dear God, thank you Mr. Obama is not still our president.
All this sort of makes “Presidential Tweets” seem small potatoes, hmmm?

Ah,well…we gave Donald Trump the “BIG STICK” and I think he just the boy to use it.