Gov. Cuomo's dream is now a reality


Gov. Cuomo just signed a law which permits abortion up to the birth of the child. He also included that non-medical doctors can perform abortions. “‘Practitioner’ shall mean a licensed or registered physician, dentist, podiatrist, chiropractor, nurse, midwife, physician assistant or specialist assistant, physical therapist, or optometrist.” (Section 238-11 New York State Public Health Law) “Even babies who survive a botched abortion are now allowed to die unattended by staff. Infanticide is usually associated with Hitlerian regimes, not democratic ones.” (Catholic League Bill Donahue) Cuomo was so orgasmic about this that he had the One World Trade Center to light up the sky in pink–it should have been in red. We are doomed.

Here’s the entire law:


Perhaps this is the beginning of the Cuomo for President campaign. The Democrat primary season is going to be based around who can get further to the left, and this abortion bill might be Cuomo’s first salvo. Perhaps he thinks that he will win the votes of “vagina hat movement” with this policy.


There’re plenty of indications that Cuomo is indeed angling for the White House, his denials not withstanding. That said, it seems to me unlikely that this law will help him in that regard. It might get him favor with the liberal base, but even some liberals are rethinking abortion, and much moreso for the moderates he’d need to win a general election. At this point at least, I’m thinking his chances aren’t good.

On the other hand, I never dreamed that Hillary would have a snowball’s chance in hell, and she came within a gnat’s eyelash of winning.


Hillary had her “power station,” Bill, in the beginning. That gave her a big boost in 2008, but then along came Obama with the first Black president thing, and she was set aside.

After 8 years of being a good doobee for the Donkeys, they made sure she got the nomination in 2016, Bernie Sanders not withstanding. As for the general election, this country is going further and further left all the time, so it’s not surprising that she almost won the presidency. People, especially the young, think that they are entitled to more and more free stuff, and they think that taxing the rich will pay for it. The brighter ones know the running up the debt is a more sure way to pay for the welfare state, since soaking the rich does not yield as much money as the socialists might think.

A betting man might think that Hillary is in her political coffin, but never underestimate the ability of the Hillda-beast vampire to rise from the dead. With the Democratic field littered with little people running for president, she might arise as the “fusion candidate,” kind of like an old nuclear weapon. It’s a long shot, but it could happen.


True. Someone once calculated that if you taxed the top 7% of income earners at 100%, you could finance the government for a bit over 4 MONTHS. They didn’t explain what might happen the following year, however, but WE know what would happen.


This is absolutely sickening. Taking a human life is not normal, much less the innocent life of a baby. It is not something that most people who are sane can handle well. Only an absolute psychopath could see this abomination of law as anything resembling something to be celebrated.

A service to women. Free the womb. Keep your hands off my ovaries. Women’s right to choose.

Sickening. Purely evil.


Liberals will tell you “the rich have too much influence over government,so we’re going to use the government to take their money so they have less influence over it…” Do what, now?


Plus they prosecute wealthy people because of their political views. The government’s conduct during the arrest of Roger Stone looked like something the Nazis would have done. We are headed toward fascist state. Don’t doubt me on that.


They sent more armed men to arrest a 66-year-old man living with a deaf wife and 4 dogs and no guns than they sent after Osama bin Laden!


Making a “show arrest” of Roger Stone and pushing Trump out of office, or at least making is so he can’t govern, are more important to these people than getting bin Laden. Getting bin Laden was politically important to Obama and Hillary; the national security aspects were a side benefit.


This smacks of the “show-arrests” of Koresh’s bunch, that family in Idaho who lost a son and a mother, the Bundy’s, etc. They were ALL intended to impress the public (and some of the idiots in the legislature) to increase their budgets or to show everyone how “effective” they are.


There also seems to be more and more open cries for “socialism” especially among the high school and college-aged morons. I have said for years and years that our public education system is totally corrupt. Nuff said. The chickens have come home to roost.