Gov. Greg Abbott limits counties to one absentee ballot drop-off location,


Why is Michael Bloomberg allowed to buy voting rights for convicted felons in Florida based upon race and authenticity? If you are White felon who isn’t Hispanic, he’s not paying.

The TV ads are running about four to one in favor of the Democrats. His $100 million is buying a lot of time. I wish that it would blow up in his hypocritical face. He looked at Bernie Sanders and chastised him as a socialist in a Democrat, and yet now he’s financing Sanders to power.

As Lenin wrote (some) capitals will sell the rope to the Bolsheviks to hang them. Bloomberg is such a capitalist. I guess since he’s made his fortune in the elite news media that he will be exempt.

See, perfect example. I don’t like it, in fact I hate the idea that a single billionaire can throw his wealth around like that in order to try to influence elections, even if in theory I understand why he’s doing it.

The people of FL voted (by referendum?) to let felons that served their time vote. So the FL legislature (?) voted to disallow voting unless fines had been paid effectively preventing most from voting.

That’s what I’m talking about. It’s gaming the rules. It’s political shenanigans and every-time someone (some group) does it, the other side tries to figure out how to one-up.

So I can say I see both issues and shenanigans. Can you??

Nobody is “gaming” anything, CSB. The people voted to restore voting rights to felons who had completed their sentences, paroles and probations. Part of their sentence was paying fines and costs. Unless and until these have been paid, they haven’t “completed their sentences, paroles and probations.” Just how stupid must one BE these days to be a Democrat?


That’s a fair interpretation I suppose, yet The state, has no central listing of fines owed, and the Legislature has created no system to help felons ascertain how much, if anything, they owed. Even the state ultimately agreed that it would take six years to create such a system.

So it seems to me to be an end-around a different end-around.

And we’re left with Bloomberg stepping in (in another end-around) to pay the fines to allow felons to vote. Which of course is why we shouldn’t be adjudicating voting issues like this one so close to a Presidential election.

Nonsense, of course. All you have to do is look at the trial transcript for each defendant. It will have the exact amount posted. What Democrats WANT, is to do this en masse instead of individually, while doing it individually is the ONLY rational way to do it.