Government Shutdown


Does it fall on the President?



Looks like yet another win for the President. Cloture just passed. Final passage almost assured. I still have an ugly image of McCain wheeled in on a gurney at the last minute, wagging his finger in the air shouting “no, no, no”. Yes, I’m a little paranoid.


That didn’t really answer the question.

Is the President to blame (or credit) for a government shutdown (or avoiding it) respectively?


I just wish they could stretch it out long-term. I don’t blame anyone. I applaud the impasse!


Does this help answering your question:

Progressives fume after vote to end government shutdown

Progressive groups were incensed by the Senate’s 81-18 vote Monday to reopen the government at the urging of Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-New York.
Asked to describe the left’s reaction, Ben Wikler,’s Washington director, responded with one word: “Fury.”
“Last week, I was moved to tears of joy when Democrats stood up and fought for progressive values and for Dreamers. Today, I am moved to tears of disappointment and anger that Democrats blinked,” said Frank Sharry, executive director of the immigration advocacy group America’s Voice.

Why did the democrats blink? Maybe they figured out that crippling the Military and many others in favour of “rights” for illegal aliens is not a road to victory in November.

Trump won.


How would any of that answer the question I asked?


The hardcore democrat base thinks Schumer lost which is the same as Trump won. Republicans are happy, their base is happy and the vast majority of the country is happy.



Are you sure you aren’t part of the Trump team?


If they’d take me, I’d work for cheeseburgers, pizza and Diet Coke.


Given your ability to dodge the question, I’m sure you’d make a great asset to the team :joy:


If you agree that it was the right move, then it sounds like you believe the American people won because the Dems did the right thing…Hmmmm?


I will gladly respond to this question as soon as I can make any coherent sense of what this question means. Would you kindly try to rephrase it?


In my opinion, the shutdown fell squarely on the shoulders of the Dems; particularly Senate Dems; and most particularly Chuck Schumer. It was nothing more than politics to try take advantage of Trump’s alleged (it may have been true or not; I don’t feel there’s enough testimonial credibility to be sure one way or the other) use of the word “s***hole” to try to secure Dreamer votes for the Dems without giving Trump the wall (which would cripple future influx of Dem votes).


(I beleive) You think the Dems are obstructing, they choose not to obstruct and go along with Pubs (for now). I would think you see that as a positive for the Dems.

  1. The government shutting down is always better than the government operating as usual.

  2. The Democrats are mostly responsible for the shutdown, although they did so thinking it was bad for the country.

Which means the democrats only do positive things when they do the opposite of what they believe.

Which is certainly not news :wink:


Yes, positive in the sense that a continued shutdown would have caused increasing political damage to the Democrat brand.


I’m just asking because the President has made remarks in the past stating that he thought that the President is always to blame.

Ironic huh?



Yes, except in the case to which he was referring in 2013, the President WAS at fault, though he tried valiantly to blame the GOP which didn’t work since the GOP took firm control of the Senate and firmer control of the House in 2014.


Be that as it may, he said the President is always to blame.

Do you think Trump believes he is to blame?


Well you can blame him if it pleases you to think the President should cave in to Democrat demands for open borders, unlimited illegal immigration, free drugs for everyone and all the other stupid ideas Democrats seem to have.