Government-sponsored conference on Muslims in Germany irks Muslims


Jihad terrorism is just what it should be focusing upon. German officials should be challenging the Muslim leaders in Germany to back up their vague condemnations of terrorism with real action against the promotion of jihad violence in their communities. They should be challenging them to reject and teach against the supremacist doctrines that call for Muslims to work to replace the infidel form of government with Sharia. They should be telling them that they must discard the elements of Sharia that contradict freedoms guaranteed under the German constitution

Germany: Government-sponsored conference on Muslims in Germany irks Muslims by focusing on terrorism - Jihad Watch
Many foreign governments are experiencing growing Muslim communities. In the process these communities want Islamic law and hold views which support the terrorists. Any condemnation of terrorism is weak and not really proactive.


Certain countries in Europe have started to realize how devastating it is to their nations and societies to allow Jihadis have their way. Just as the Netherlands they learned the hard way.

However, Europe is still Europe and certain stupid countries will not learn til its too late.