Governor Quinn of Illinois cancelled state union contract


The state of Illinois is canceling its contract with its largest public employee union. Officials with Governor Pat Quinn’s administration say the state will not extend its contract that covers the nearly 40-thousand state, county and municipal employees with the AFSCME union.

The previous contract expired in June. The Quinn administration said yesterday it has attempted to bargain in good faith over the past 11 months and has extended the contract three times but has not seen much from the union in the way of concessions. Union leadership called the move by Quinn historic, and believes the decision will lower worker morale and make a settlement more difficult. Governor Quinn has pushed for AFSCME workers to take a pay cut and pay more for their own insurance

IL, Quinn Cancels Union Contract | Alton Daily News

Let me fill in a little history on this, back in 1981 Illinois stopped paying their portion of the dues they had negotiated with the union and since then have tried to even take funds out to use for its own purpose.

The union backed the election of Quinn who now is trying to stiff them. Keep in mind that if Quinn gets his way, he still wants to use any available funds to fund that third airport no one wants, high speed rail, and more support services for illegals. So actually there will be no savings for the state. I expect soon Quinn will be asking for driver licenses for illegals(path to vote)

Now I do not know what the union is asking for but as an ex-member they usually ask for a raise that is covered in the hand book for seven years with incremental increases per years of service.

Yes I know there is abuse by the union with what they ask for. Politics being what it is remember Quinn’s intentions are not the purest either.

Quinn has already terminated the lifetime insurance for retirees (there are stipulations to get it). Other retirees who have not meant that criteria have to pay a share of the insurance