GOVT CONTROL of everything you do


Can you say GOVT CONTROL of everything you do

Ford to ship self-driving cars without steering wheels, brake or gas pedals by 2021

Ford says it’s going to deliver self-driving cars by 2021 – and these will ship in volume, and will also lack steering wheels, brake or gas pedals, offering full Level 4 self-driving features which don’t require a human driver at all, the company announced at a press conference in Palo Alto today.

The car maker says that it has held off making any announcements about when to deliver self-driving vehicles until now because it isn’t in a race to make announcements. But it did say it is making self-driving vehicle deployment a priority, because of the advantages it offers in terms of customer experience and passenger safety.

“We’re no longer just an auto company, we’re also a mobility company,” said Ford CEO Mark Fields at the press conference. He made that declaration after discussing Ford Mobility Solutions, which is a subsidiary Ford began to help it develop automated fleet driving services.
Ford also announced it was going to ramp up its Silicon Valley operations, doubling its employee population in the tech center to over 300, with expanded offices and labs in Palo Alto.

While self-driving cars are planned for mass production by 2021, Ford doesn’t see these replacing personal transportation in five years’ time. Instead, the company anticipates these being used mostly in urban environments as supplements to mass transit, while individual car ownership will continue to focus on vehicles with driver assist functions, but which ultimately still give humans control.


Ford is overrun by liberals. Alan Mulally was a good businessman; a leader and sharp with budgets. He was/is ALSO a flaming liberal, who took Ford down a path no business ever should go. Fawning and obsequious towards the Washington masters; acceptance of their RIDICULOUS demands on emissions and fuel mileage.

That’s why the all-aluminum Ford pickup. It’s no value to contractors or people who work their trucks - a heavy load splits the bed. After an accident, the aluminum body cannot be straightened. But it meets Washingtoon’s standards - for the moment.

Mulally retired, but he left his lieutenants behind. And Billy Ford is a moonbat himself - one reason he hired Mulally was that they spoke the same language. Spoke it at the full moon. Both kowtowed furiously towards the Magic City, there on the Potomac.

And here we are. The good will Ford won by not taking bailout money, is long-gone. I will never own another Ford…or a Government-Motors vehicle…or a Fiat made in the former Chrysler facilities…basically, I will never own another new car (for my future as it is) and never ANY of those brands newer than 2008.

Everything is political now. What you eat is political. What your car looks like is political. Well, we can play that game, too.


Ford to ship self-driving cars without steering wheels, brake or gas pedals by 2021

They need not build any for me. Until the auto companies get all of the bugs out of the GPS systems, there can no driverless cars.


Which may just mean, there are no cars.

This would play right into the social-engineers’ hands. MANDATE driverless cars; and then when the systems don’t work completely reliably, ban them.

No cars. Only government choo-choos and government-employee buses. And of course, BICYCLES.

Welcome to the future…just like Grandma’s past.


The worst of the global warming bozos have advocated that we go back to the carbon emission levels of 1865. Yea, some of them are ready to back to the 19th century … Back when Karl Marx was thinking about “new and exciting” concepts.


I was reading an article the other day that said Soros paid Al Gore millions to promote global warming and cause strife.

Soros Paid Al Gore MILLIONS To Push Global Warming Policies | The Daily Caller


You mean when they were starting to burn lots of coal? :grin:


You ever notice that those who say we should not have air conditioning because it contributes to global warming seem not to stop using their air conditioners?


Yes, and a lot of other modern conveniences. Al Gore, Obama and Hillary all ride in jet planes all over the world leaving giant carbon footprints. They live in huge houses and ride around in large SUVs. They call for gun control yet have guards around them all the time with loaded automatic weapons. They are just like nearly every other socialist leader. They are hypocrites who criticize “the little people,” and tell them that they should have less to make the communist collective work while they live in grand style.


Yes. And that will be their undoing.

When the power-grid finally is stretched beyond its capabilities; when rolling brownouts are the New Normal…when we’re all made to work in 85-degree temperatures…

…while GOVERNMENT OFFICES remain lit and cooled and everyone nice and comfy…


Right now, our system is that of meritocracy/means. You buy what you can afford. If you can afford to cool your twenty-room home to the temperature of a meat locker…have at it. It’s your money.

When it is no longer a function of paying for the electricity, but of PURE POLITICAL PULL, who gets the electricity and who can chill their homes…that’s gonna be the bridge too far. People in browned-out areas, with Smart Meters that keep them from USING their air conditioning…are gonna see this and go nuts. Power poles down. Substations bombed.

These tin-eared, broad-beamed bureaucrats don’t sense the anger they’ve been pumping up…


That is why we are moving to the SMART electric meter and SMART appliances. The bottom line is some faceless, nameless bureaucrat sitting in DC can decide YOU who live at 1234 Maple Las in BumChuck Wis is using to much heat and he just shuts your system down or adjusts YOUR HAVC to comply with Govt Standards for a family of 4, 4 bedroom home. Owl Hore on the other hand and his 26,000 sq ft home and on the list of APPROVED Dim Donors can set his HVAC at any temp he wants.

YEP the folks are gonna LOVE Communism socialism where everyone is equal and everyone has a chicken in every pot, what a wonderful world it will be as we lock pinky’s and teach the world to sing Goom By Ahhh and drink Coke.


My wife and I believe in doing our fair share to control pollution. I mean, if Al Gore can lay down a carbon footprint the size of a print left by Bigfoot . . ., well, what the hell.

My wife is combating the production of green house gases by driving a BMW X6 x50i. I’m doing my share, too. I drive a 1 ton Dodge diesel. Even while out on Lake Ray Hubbard I am environmentally conscious - I settled for twin 350s instead of the twin 454s in my 30 ft Sea Ray twin screw. Anything for the cause.



I would have gone for the 2x 454’s, you can use props as big as garbage can lids with those puppies…now if that truck is a Dually then wow, just WOW!


It’s a dually. If the Sea Ray had been intended for the Gulf I would have gone with the 454s. Here on the lake, the 350s work out very nicely.

Trump has actually sounded like a normal human being this week - and this morning I heard that Paul Manafort resigned and took his alleged Russia connection with him.

Wonder how long the “new” Trump will last?


Spent a bunch of time out there on that lake, thought about buying and living out there, but stayed where I was at (next to DFW airport, Colleyville) since I trveled every week…


I’ve driven ACROSS Ray Hubbard several times, but never been ON the lake. That was at a time when I was working around Royce City.


**No cars. Only government choo-choos and government-employee buses. And of course, BICYCLES.
Welcome to the future…just like Grandma’s past. **
Just to point out BICYCLES come with socialism, they are a requirement. You see the people making big bucks can make out ok. But the poor people can’t afford cars so they ride bicycles. That’s why you still see so many people in Europe riding bicycles, they can’t afford cars. Oh & as I’ve pointed out before gas is a normal way to raise more taxes. When I was in Europe last time gas was $1.80 when I left here. There it was a little over $8.00 per gallon. Socialism is expensive for everyone.


Yup. And American socialists go over there and get all tingly looking at the government choo-choo trains.

Which serve areas about as big as Ohio to Illinois. Which are filled to capacity - because no one can afford cars.

If you want to see how train travel will work in this country, you can. Take Amtrak, from the East Coast to the West.

Allow four days. Allow many thousands of dollars, unless you like sleeping in an uncomfortable coach seat. Allow for filthy toilets and poor food and surly food service.

America is not Europe and we should THANK GOD. Europeans pay most of their earnings in taxes, have to pay $8 and more a gallon for gas; and STILL do not even defend themselves militarily.


A few years ago when gas first broke the $2/gal barrier, I heard people say we shouldn’t complain, because they pay a lot more than that in Europe. Well, for your information, my ancestors left Europe to have a better life; we built the better life, and now the powers that be want us to emulate Europe.