Gowdy Questions Comey....BRILLIANT!


This article and video show how Gowdy proves that the Hildabeest lied and Comey let her.

Hillary May End Up In Jail After All - All Thanks To Trey Gowdy | TellMeNow


They say that he did not swear clinton in. If that’s true, how can she be charged with perjury?


Who is this “they?”


He had to swear her in. Where are you getting your information?


I saw it on a conservative news site. Now I would have thought she wpould have been sworn in as well, but this link says different.

‘Rigged:’ Comey Says Hillary’s FBI Interview Was Neither Recorded Nor Under Oath - Guy Benson


Sorry, I thought you were referring to her being sworn in as Secretary of State.


Gowdy DID swear her in when she testified before a Congressional committee. THAT’S where the perjury occurred.


No one hopes she burns more than I do, but the media is on her side and always has been. And look what’s going on now. They, the media, has fanned the flames of these two black men getting killed by police into a frenzy, culminating in the murder of 5 police in Dallas.

And now, Hillary Clinton problems with the FBI are no longer on the front page and everyone’s attention is on so called black hating cops who murder black men. The lies are strong, and it seem no one wants to wait for the investigation to be completed. Mission accomplished by the evil media.


The point that bothers me (ok, drives me fricken crazy) is that when she was appointed SOS she had a 2 hour security briefing on the handling of classified (& above) info after which she signed saying that she understood what was required of her. Because of that (& other things) I believe that you can be prosecuted for being stupid. Not knowing that your breaking the law is no excuse & as far as I know, never has been.


Hillary has two deeply engrained personal traits that are so well documented by evidence collected over 2 decades that they can’t possibly be open for dispute: She’s DISHONEST and INCOMPETENT.

And we’re about to elect/promote her to President of the United States.

I think that reality pretty well sums up where we are in America in 2016.


If she is elected, we are doomed.


If there is ANYONE who understands the workings of the Hildabeest (and the rest of the dems including BO), it is Trey Gowdy. And, he is one of the few who is capable of nailing her to the wall publicly without any hesitancy or apology. THAT’s what we need in a president.


When I was a military officer, IF I were to be caught in a lie, I could be charged under UCMJ, this could have occurred at any time 24x7 in my military career. Of course I am now retired and that does not apply…DO NOT BELIEVE THAT, I can be charged with a crime that is covered un the UCMJ till the day I die! Only those who resign or retire and resign their commission are no longer covered un UCMJ. When I retired they gave me the “lifetime UCMJ coverage” talk and then asked if I wanted to resign my commission, of course I did not, but some do.