Great Article From Scott Rasmussen


This is a pretty good synopsis of what I think, I just think that the GOP will survive with its Establishment Liberals in charge like today and the Conservatives will leave.

The Republican base is looking for someone like a 21st century Ronald Reagan, who will display his faith in the American people. The Washington Republicans are more comfortable with politicians like George W. Bush, Bob Dole, John McCain and Mitt Romney. Though the establishment has dominated the party since Reagan left the White House, the 2012 election could well be the end of the line.

  	  If Romney loses in November, the Republican base will no longer buy the  electability argument for an establishment candidate. From the view of  the base, the elites will have given away an eminently winnable  election. Someone new, from outside of Washington, will be the party's  nominee in 2016.

The whole article is pretty good and well worth the read.
Romney May Be the End of the Line for the Republican Establishment - Rasmussen Reports™


Romney is outside of Washington. He has never served in federal office and only served as governor for 4 years. The only way to get someone even further outside of government is to run someone who has never held any office at all.

Which pretty much leaves you with a wealthy businessman or a retired four star general. Repeating 2012 doesn’t seem like a great idea. Which leaves the general.

Can someone else think of another “outside Washington” candidate type? That’s all I’ve got.


“Outside Washington” has nothing to do with whether a Candidate has held Federal Office and “Establishment Republican” has nothing to do with being a power broker in the GOP.

Ann Coulter is an “Establishment Republican”, so is George Will, Mark Steyn and Peggy Noonan.

The “Washington Beltway” is a term that describes those who think that the Federal Government should be the focal point of all activity, the catalyst for everything and at the center of everything. An “Outside Washington” candidate believes that the Federal Government hinders all good things and institutionalized all the bad things.

An “Outside Washington” candidate will want to get the Federal Government out of these activities, not improve the way the Federal Government conducts these activities.

The “Establishment GOP” is a term that refers to those in the GOP who embrace all the same concepts as the Democrat’s regarding what Government should be doing but disagree about how Government should do it. Like the Democrat’s they see the Constitution as an annoyance and Conservatives as “Fringe Kooks” who are handy on election day but should be given no credible support between elections.

The “Establishment GOP” moniker was coined by Rush (I think) as a way of describing the persistent presence (like cockroaches) of the Rockefeller Republicans and the means by which they alter the structure of the GOP to remain in control of the Party even though the Base has long since rejected their concepts in favor of the Reagan Revolution.

Essentially the “Establishment GOP” are all “Washington Insiders”, the term “Washington Insider” just encompasses the Democrat’s as well. Both groups see the people as stupid sheep in need of a government strong enough to force them to make correct decisions (as defined by government) from cradle to grave in regards to all things.

The Reagan wing of the GOP is far larger than the “Establishment Wing” so the Establishment GOPer’s are always stealth in their opinions and try to portray themselves as Conservatives at election time, only to use their power if they win to further encroach on the peoples Economic and Personal Liberty while spending their great grandchildren’s money.

This is the first year that I have seen the “Establishment GOPer’s” be this honest, they have been very public in their condemnation of Conservatives this year as opposed to hiding these opinions like in previous years. I guess the thinking is that since the Conservatives are so stupid they will vote for the Liberal GOP Candidate anyway they might as well try to get some more Socialist’s on board by publicly spitting on us.

Time will tell if this gamble will bear fruit, I for one will oppose the GOP with every bit the fervor as I have opposed all Communist/Fascist Political groups in the past from this year forward, the GOP is beyond redemption and I will not pretend otherwise again.

The GOP is counting on those like me being in the minority as opposed to my claim that Conservatives are the majority, we cannot both be right but until history proves which position is salient I will not be associated by membership with the likes of these traitors.


You basically just described Ron Paul :angel:


well the problem with term “establishment republicans” is that you have to actually be in the republican party and align with our views to get anything done. If you can’t get something done and you call yourself a republican. Maybe you should think about switching parties. Mitt hasn’t lost yet. So can’t say that about him.

The rich Rockefeller types were always part of the GOP. If you don’t like it, you can get out!

In fact the reason all you more hard core conservatives are so upset is because Romney beat all your candidates! He already got something done. Let’s hope he does the same in Nov.

I agree with the premise though, but if Mitt Romney loses there may not be an America for another party to save.


Ron Paul is a Liberal hack, lying, Anti Constitution buffoon with no understanding of anything relevant in the real world.

Only his Paulbots believe that he is a manifestation of what Rasmussen is referring to here.