Great news: Cuba banned Michael Moore documentary


** Cuba banned Michael Moore’s 2007 documentary, Sicko, because it painted such a “mythically” favourable picture of Cuba’s healthcare system that the authorities feared it could lead to a “popular backlash”, according to US diplomats in Havana.

WikiLeaks: Cuba banned Sicko for depicting ‘mythical’ healthcare system | World news |

Great news: Cuba banned Michael Moore documentary for being too rosy about Cuban health care « Hot Air

Here is a comment from someone echoing Bill Engals

Wow. The last two weeks just can not get any funnier…… Look, Mikey, you’re so useful to the Castro regime that they’re banning you—nice work, you tool, here’s your sign.

ted c on December 17, 2010 at 9:29 PM





That is pretty damn funny.


Made my morning!


Is this world starting to get right side up ???



The Castro Brothers just didn’t want the ordinary Cuban on the street (or in a regular hospital bed) to know what medical care the bureaucrats get.