Great News .. The Leaves Win! ‘Brexit’


Sky news and the BBC just declared victory for Brexit!
We are witnessing history.

Break out the Champagne! Brits want to survive after all!

London couldn’t pull it out. Cameron is done for.
The elites and establishment on both sides lost.
They’re stunned!!

Obama and Hillary are saddened!
Immigration concerns was cited as one of the causes of leaving.

The Leave camp is led by Michael Gove, the justice minister, and Boris Johnson, the former mayor of London.

Nearly half the Conservative members of Parliament favor leaving, as do the members of the U.K. Independence Party, or UKIP, and its leader, Nigel Farage.

Their main issues are sovereignty and immigration.

The One World Government freight train just jumped the tracks.

EU Referendum - The Result - Live - BBC News


I really can’t see them giving up this easily.


I expect some monkeyshines. Chaos is what the Left is all about.


Here is the key quote from Cameron, where he announces his resignation.

I was absolutely clear [in the referendum] about my belief that Britain is stronger, safer and better off inside the European Union. And I made clear the referendum was about this and this alone, not the future of any single politician, including myself.

But the British people have made a very clear decision to take a different path and as such I think the country requires fresh leadership to take it in this direction.

I will do everthing I can as prime minister to steady the ship over the coming weeks and months. But I do not think it would be right for me to try to be the captain that steers our country to its next destination.

This is not a decision I have taken lightly. But I do believe it’s in the national interest to have a period of stability and then the new leadership required.

There is no need for a precise timetable today. But in my view we should aim to have a new prime minister in place by the start of the Conservative party conference in October.

Brexit live: David Cameron resigns after EU referendum result | Politics | The Guardian


Brits decided to leave the large, centralized European government and go back to declaring their sovereignty in matters of financial/monetary policy, immigration, etc. They voted for BORDERS. They voted to take their country back from the European elites and the know-nothings calling the shots in Brussels.

Will it be a rocky road? Yes. But in the mid to long run it will work out for them.

One doesn’t have to think very long to develop parallels to what many of us hope happens in America - kick the elites to the curb. Whether Trump provides the vehicle to get that done or not remains to be seen, but that is the thrust of his campaign and his popularity. McConnell and Ryan had best take notice.


It’s certainly not great news for Canada as our ability to close the CETA deal is in jeopardy without England in the EU. This comes down to primarily a border issue, so the “leave” side can thank Merkel for this. From a free market standpoint, it isn’t great news either if you are involved in cross border businesses. Ultimately, the financial services industry in London will face tougher competition now from places in the EU that they didn’t face before as an economic member.

Trump really played this smart, flying to Scotland and completing the opening of his golf course the very day the Brexit vote would be announced. Therefore, early in the morning North American time, he gets the early air play even in the UK I assume there will be some clips of Donald talking about his opinions. Noone even recognizes the coincidence in timing, instead, the pundits talk about how he has taken the time on air to talk about his golf course, but I think he WANTS media to believe he is there to talk about his golf course, when in fact, it’s a veiled opportunity to talk about the Brexit vote without appearing to interfere or inject his opinions.

The EU was in trouble the moment they took in smaller, weaker economies such as Greece and allowed them to share their currency. It has become worse over the last few years with the rise of terror. People act irrationally at times and I believe this probably isn’t a smart decision.

Just my two cents. The greatest contributor to this exit is on the lap of Merkel. The immigration issue is becoming a major issue in Europe, this is obvious even an ocean away to anyone following the news.


A most excellent bit of news to start my day!

Okay Texas, your turn at the plate…


What an absurd comment, what are you going on about?

England separating from the EU is a much different situation than you are insinuating. Texas is what America is all about, and they remain a unique state for a reason, they make America better and America knows this. America brings a different perspective that resonates with many across the world, every state contributes to this. Let’s not start with the knee-jerk hyperbole already.

RET maybe have your morning coffee first before you talk like that.


Maybe you should not assume you know what the United States is “all about” or why I advocate for secession as the only viable solution to the problem of our eroding Constitution, a document that you also know nothing about.


“the only viable option”. You have really painted yourself into a corner with this statement. There are very few, if any, social problems that present only one viable solution. Taking your ball and going home and breaking up a nation would absolutely qualify as a last resort option and most certainly would weaken a jurisdiction on many issues both near and far from home. I don’t have to be a constitutional scholar to know this.


I used to think the way you do but now I agree with RET’s view and I think more and more Americans are now at least willing to consider secession for a lot of reasons. I think one’s view on this comes down to whether or not you believe elections can fix anything, if you don’t believe they can then where does that leave you?


You influence federal policy an encourage state autonomy; which, in the United States, is already a core value. Leaving has to be the absolute last option and it would carry the greater cost to everyone. We have separatists in Quebec and it is clear from the decades of their arguments that very few have considered all of the costs and dangers involved in leaving. Ironically, in the past these separatists have spoken to the U.S in hopes of either becoming another state, or, ensuring they would have strong economic trade and security ties if they left.

In a referendum in the 1990’s in which the federalist narrowly won and Canada almost broke up, the U.S told Quebec that they would “prefer to do business with a united Canada” when Quebec made overtures to the U.S. The U.S didn’t interfere in the process, though clearly they wanted one result, the U.S also didn’t discount that they would negotiate with Quebec independently if they separated. Ultimately, a united country will almost always be stronger than its parts. This is no different in Canada or America.


I couldn’t help but notice that freedom and liberty didn’t enter into your thinking at all.


Always be stronger encompasses and includes all facets, including liberty and freedom, why would it not?


Because history doesn’t bear out that assertion. I can think of a lot of countries through out history that were large, had well-developed economies and impressive security capabilities. They were also countries you and I probably wouldn’t want to live in.

You mentioned two specifics: trade and security ties. Let’s take the UK as an example. Did EU membership help them or hurt them? I think it hurt them. Depending on which numbers are used the UK was 1/6th or 1/5th of the EU economy. They were also by far the most militarily capable nation in the EU. Why should they stay? The EU needs them a lot more than they need the EU. London was a dominant financial center long before anyone dreamed of the EU and it will still be after the EU is gone, that was one of the reasons the UK didn’t have to observe some of the customs and regulations the rest of Europe did, Europe needed the UK more than the UK needed Europe.

The arguments for a US state or states seceding, or at least considering it, are different but no less valid. This country has changed a lot over my lifetime and I don’t think for the better. The further away the power center is from the people the harder it is to influence them, you say just influence the feds to do things, OK, how do you propose doing that? The point of centralizing power is to not have to listen to the people.


We can agree to disagree. My America, the America I have visited many times; includes Texas.


I’ve lived in Texas, have you? And I’m not talking about Texas, I’m thinking more of Michigan and the upper midwest but most regions could come up with their own reasons. I’m not going to agree to disagree with you because your visits to the country don’t give your opinion anywhere near the strength the opinion of an American holds.


Do you support or not support a United States of America?

I’m telling you, having spoken with many Americans and visited America many times in different states; America is great as the United States of America, not “a bunch of states”. Sure your opinion means more, only in so much as you get to vote. This doesn’t mean that the impact of certain policies in other countries don’t draw great interest and hold value to America and vice versa, you can be sure of this. There is a reason the Brexit vote is being covered extensively in the U.S media. The world is much smaller in 2016.


Are we really going to entertain the opinion of a foreigner on matters relating to America? I hate to make such a comments but it does have merit. What makers America great is the fact that 50 states and millions of people can get along and stay together and strong. It is the fact that we can be united despite or differences. The US is not different than the EU we are a collection of nation states held together by a centralize government. The only difference here is that one one state has been its own nation. Could each state be its own nation. Most likely but we are stronger together and we know it. But cultural differences are not easily overcome and with recent changes here in the US that is becoming more and more evident. The mistake we have made is that we have let the Federal government make these decisions(gay marriage etc) for us instead of leaving it to each individual state to decide.


I’m just offering an opinion, one which you share and even you suggest. My opinion is just that, since I can’t vote. Regardless, there are major differences between the UK leaving the EU and if Texas wanted to leave the union. So many differences I couldn’t even list them all in multiple posts. Futhermore, I can shed light on the subject since for decades Quebec has tried on multiple occasions had high support within for separation.

My point is as you suggest, despite your differences you are the United States. America is the second most popular tourist destination in the world, second only to France. Both nations happen to be strong believers in individual rights btw even if they have different roles of government. This isn’t because of one particular state, but because of the uniqueness each brings to the country.

Arguing and pushing for stronger state autonomy within the union would be the best alternative. There are obvious differences from state to state as it is, without getting into specific policies, Texas or any other state can and should express the will of their citizens. This is a reasonable and sound approach, vastly different than taking an extreme position. As an example, the latest Supreme Court decision overturned Obama’s immigration position. Texas is quite happy with this result. For a state that highly values strong state powers and individual rights, it is a victory. That’s the beauty of democracy.