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No unemployment to blame why does no one wanna work? 12 dollars not enough? No one believes in the system anymore? What’s up folks? Fox News says bring in the military and make em work: yeah an economy based on consent. Even Hayek would be frustrated about all this.

IF I am wrong and it’s not just wages, its that no one believes in this social contract anymore they’re collectively letting it run dry.

You do not have a right to a “living wage”. You do not have a right to a job. You do not have a right to government welfare.Now that we’ve cleared that up back to the question.

  1. Too much government subsidy.

  2. Vaccine mandates.

  3. People scared $#!+less by hysterical virus propaganda.

PS Raising the minimum wage eliminates entry level jobs and accelerates the move to robots. Eliminating the Department of Education and transferring all of its budget to direct vouchers to parents to be used for public, private or religious schools would better prepare the next generation for the workforce and possibly higher education.

  1. Stimulus Gone Brother
  2. Yeah and if you don’t shower they won’t hire ya either
  3. What about the 9/11 Fear Machine with the colored threat levels.

They can’t build robots fast enough as people are giving up.

A bridge to far for even 100 Sarah Palins in the senate.

Right the system is based on the consent of the governed the consent of the worker and they no longer consent to low wages and companies won’t raise them. I went to a couple of those stores with the big 15$ dollar signs took my Cousin in a couple of months back they told him they start at 12 at this location told him to take it then call say he was sick, call the next day and say he’d come in for 15 told he told him its not fun to have his time wasted either. My cousin O’ed or killed himself on Oxycontin people are giving up en masse. It’s over. I can’t stand drugs, sodomy, and crossdressing. A straight white man gave up. He saw no way out outside of bunking with 6 people in a 4 bedroom.

A country that can’t provide a living wage for it’s citizens doesn’t deserve loyalty from those citizens.


No, they believe in the socialist contract. Get the Feds to stop this extended unemployment benefit crap that was overdone as a result of the pandemic, and that’ll sort out a lot.

A country that provides a living wage for its citizens is a country that controls its citizens. Pass the swastikas…

Like the oft-repeated saying goes: If you don’t like minimum wage, don’t have minimum skills.


A lot of the world disagree. And vote freely And are free. I work well and above a living wage. .Part of that was because whilst I was being educated or trained, I could take jobs that could get me by. Also, as far as I am concerned, exploitation is just slavery with extra steps. “You don’t like it? Quit!”

Well, a lot of people are not likn’ it…

You can make money without being an exploitative a-hole. You’d be amazed how many people would follow you.

And lift you up.

That ended nearly 2 months ago.

No comment beyond I’m impressed at the effectiveness of pro-corporate propaganda on display. My goodness, equating a living wage with Nazism. Everyone knows the Holocaust started by paying the Jews enough to raise a family /s

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You have it wrong @Gene. A country that is free and prosperous CAN afford to pay “a living wage” to those who make an effort to get the skills that are in demand. If you have decided throw away your educational opportunities and grow up to be a jackass, you will only be qualified to earn bug lug jackass wages. You will not do well in life if you grow up ignorant, regardless of your race.

I will freely admit that some schools are really bad and don’t offer the right opportunities to their students. Most of those schools are in cities run by Democrats. In those cases, there should be alternatives offered to those who are looking to improve their station in life. Unfortunately, in many cases, the Democrats block those efforts because the Democrat leadership is beholden to the teachers’ unions.

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I would :hearts: your post twice if the site software allowed it.

… pursuit of happiness …

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What part of the stimulus ran dry don’t you understand? I’m on the front lines of poverty people who were lazy and on unemployment are looking to the shelter and moving back in with their parents. The stimulus is gone but alot of people are holding out by choice.

They believe in whatever will feed their families. Please drive to your nearest Urban area and speak to people who just got off work ask what matters most to them economically. If you mean social spending and not seizing the means of production please use Social Democratic. Everytime I hear socialist I think of the state nationalizing everything and creating a 5 year plan and distributing everything 100% equally. It’s like folks on the left who call republicans Nazi’s doesn’t it conjure up images you want to put people in camps and merge the private with corporate?

Is this satire?

What part of “get a job” and do something for yourself do you don’t understand? Do think that you are entitled to live off of other people’s work?

Before the stimulus, there was welfare, and people were living on that. Then came Covid, and you got used to getting more. Now you expect to get more forever.

Here’s some news for you. If you were living in a REAL commune, the others would not put up with you playing the “drone bee” game, doing no work. I have read that one of your champions, Bernie Sanders, learned that lesson the hard way when he was living in a commune. They expect you to pull your share unless you are physically or mentally unable to do so. Even then, they would probably find something for you to do that would fit your abilities.

Sitting on your lazy butt and drawing check that comes from other people’s taxes is not an honorable life style, unless you share the AOC philosophy. She thinks that people should only work if they feel like it. Otherwise, they should be allowed to live off the system.

As a foreigner, you obviously don’t know how our Republic works (or is supposed to work). The Congress is only allowed to pass laws within the stated enumerated powers granted by the Constitution. Our 10th amendment is explicit:

The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

We have 50 experiments in democracy. Any individual state can pass a minimum wage, universal health care, free housing, free food, free iPhones etc. IF THEY CHOOSE TO. They will also have to pay for these programs with taxes, licenses and user fees. If they come up with a plan that works, other states may copy it. If it is a fiasco, people can vote with their feet to a state more to their liking.

Any other questions?


You mean prosperity Pat. There are plenty of European nations who don’t have a minimum wage, and their unemployment rates are better, and they suffer no consequence to HDI.

Low wage jobs have a reason to exist; this can’t be denied.

People who are young and are just starting out have no work experience; their labor isn’t worth much. Low paying jobs are the first rungs on the ladder of economic mobility.

If those rungs aren’t there, you get high youth unemployment, delayed entry into the work force, which seriously hurts their long time prospects for income.

We see this in France and Spain, so we know this concern is real.

And yet, Social Democracy is dying in Europe, and is stillborn here, because the left missed the moment for worker causes, and has instead embraced post-modern causes concerning identity politics.

Probably because the latter is cheaper to provide.

Do the ultrawealthy think they deserve to live off my labor? About 25 guys about a quarter of the shop was gonna walk off last month without new wages. We got those new wages it was based on consent we didn’t need a union either. During the whole pandemic I was off for 4 months during the highest peak when my employer shut down. You can stop calling me lazy when I pull 10 hours 4 days a week.

I don’t live in a commune, and I pull my slack what do you do? Where do you work and how often? How many pounds can you lift, and how many repeatedly you will be asked these questions by a potential employer in industry. I live with a government mortgage in a private residence single family house 1952 cape cod.

Yeah how does this not go against the rules here do I assume your lazy? I assume your old and don’t care about those of us who work but I don’t berate you for it.

Go Tell the Germans the SDP that they lost the election when they had their biggest electoral gain since 1998 and the Greens had the largest gain in recorded history they hold a majority with their seats. The GDP of the Red/Green Countries is the biggest in Europe I am talking Germany Sweden and other countries that make Automotive Holdings. You don’t hear about a Hungarian Car do ya? Eu or No Eu, Hungary, Italy, Poland they don’t matter. They go back and forth just like us with some regions being more social democratic and some more conservative/nationalist. It’s not like conservatives take hints from Europe anyway. The UK shot themselves in the foot to get away from Arab immigration I understand why but a foot shot none the less.

Uh, did you mispeak there? I read that as use the military to force people to work, but they were talking about using the military itself to unload ships.

Using the military as emergency labor isn’t unusual; they were doing similar action in Haiti and Puerto Rico.

But it goes against the Austrian Economic theory of conscripted labor. You know this you pick and chose when to follow Hayek.