Great Resignation, Social Degeneration

I apricate Kristi Noem’s Genuine Concern for how our moral standing is. I appreciate AOC’s genuine effort to lift the working poor out of poverty wages as the great resignation continues. I am tired of the democrats pandering to trannies, drug addicts, and sex workers. I have always been tired of the economic policies of the right. The right isn’t even concerned with economics at this point it’s all Qanon Vaccine stuff… it’s like really you really think the average blue collar folk care about Vaccines and Qanon? Democrats are their own worst enemy they have no idea how to say no. No drugs are for winners, no gender is hardcoded, no sex work isn’t dignified or even legal. No I don’t wish to recognize the 2nd. Thats the stupid social logic of the left. You guys have no idea how tired people are of the poverty wages. There is a great resignation afoot. Shops plaster 15 dollar starting wages you go in they say we start at 12 at this particular location, but you can work up to 15 over time. I have half a mind to waste their time as much as mine sign up and now show up and call tell them you wasted my time so I am wasting yours. There is no longer consent to poverty wages after covid. Young people are bunking 6 or 8 to an apartment. This is America’s break or make it moment.

OMG, don’t you know she is an actress who auditioned for the job?

Like that Green lady?

These types only see the negative they can’t see I half agree with them I genuinely like the Kristi Noem stood up against drug legalization, for family values, for decency.

Yes, and when AOC lets all of the criminals out of jail, which she had advocated with no hesitation, it won’t matter what you have because they will feel free to shoot you to get it.

AOC is the poster child for far left stupidity.

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She has an affirmative action degree in economics but doesn’t know her rear end from a hole in the ground about economics.

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I don’t know what it must be like to major in economics these days. Sure, there were socialist economists, like Joan Robinson from Great Britain when I was in undergraduate school, but she was old, and the other people in the profession treated her respectfully has an eccentric.

Today, with the leftists dominating the college campuses, I image that the Keynesians would be treated as relics and the monetarists would be shunned. Only a mental case could think that “modern monetary theory” could result in anything, but massive inflation, but if you not a head case, you probably won’t fit on most college campuses these days.