Green Bay Packers on Kenosha Shooting

The Green Bay Packers’ coach, Matt Lafleur spoke out about the shooting in Kenosha, Wisconsin condemning the officers and saying, “This has to stop,” before having all the facts. He met with some of the players on the team’s social justice warriors committee who concurred and supported him.

Yet Lafleur doesn’t mention anything about vehicles and a church being set on fire, riots, and the city burning, and a police officer being hit in the head with a brick and knocked unconscious.

It’s just automatically assumed, before the details came out, that it was a bunch of racist officers out to lynch a black man.

Here is what is known so far…

Blake has a rap sheet of violent crimes, the police responded to a domestic violence call on him, he was on the ground as officers attempted to restrain him, he resisted arrest and got off the ground, while police had guns pointed at him he was non compliant with instructions and walked around the front of the car and reached inside the driver’s side door.

Here is what we don’t know…

Was he attempting to drive off?

Was he reaching for a gun?

Were guns visibly present in the car?

Did he say anything that was threatening before reaching in that would cause an officer to reasonably believe his life and the lives of others were in danger?

Yet all Lafleur talks about is the “systematic problem” of these evil officers.

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You look at the honest news coverage, and the same thing is happening. Rioters break into stores and steal stuff. They used this incident as an excuse to loot and burn. This does not have anything to do with civil rights or “police brutality.” It’s about greed and anarchy.

The time has come for honest citizens and the government to treat Black Lives Matter for what it is, a terrorist organization that needs to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. I fear what this country will become if the Democrats win the presidential election.

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I am thinking that is no longer enough. I am thinking, the time has come for honest citizens to take to the streets and fight. There is a civil “hot” war happening in our nation, like it or not.

I recently heard about the Proud Boys attacking Antifa, and I was cheering for the Proud Boys. And it struck me in a moment of clarity: This is how Nazism rose in Germany. I am sitting here rooting for the Proud Boys because they are the only ones fighting fire with fire and I like it. They are the only ones close to my side literally fighting back.

In Germany the street fighting was between the Communists and the NAZI’s. This time though the Proud Boys are NOT socialists like the German Nazis were.

It sort of makes you wonder and think. If I found myself in the middle of that malaise I would have immediately started fighting on the side of the Proud Boys. I need another option.

The thing to do is to support your local police department to hilt. In the next election, you have a “progressive” Democrat mayor, do all you can to vote them out. I know it’s an up hill fight, but it’s only way. Private street fighters are only going to end in disaster.

Ultimately if the cities turn to hell holes, the decent people, the people pay the taxes and sustain them, will move out. Then we will see more Democrat hand wringing about how the Federal Government will need to bail them.

Years ago, I think Richard Nixon told New York City to “drop dead” when it could not pay the Interest on its bonds. Sounds like sage advice to me when you let Black Lives Matter burn your city down and put illegal immigrants on the dole. Let them reap what they sow.

If I was in Germany in 1935 that advice would have done no good. We may have to face the unthinkable. The police and courts are impotent, partially because they are corrupt and infected with the same type of Antifa people.

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Here’s my thoughts.

First, let’s get this out of the way.

Blake is not, based on this criminal history, a decent person. He does not deserve to be held up as hero or martyr to any cause.

Moving on…

If Officer Sheskey believed that Blake—despite no evidence to substantiate this that I know of—was going for the driver’s side floorboard of his car to retrieve a knife, he had two options:

  1. Withdraw out of knife range with his gun trained on Blake.

  2. Execute Blake.

He chose #2

Now I doubt the officer knew of Blake’s extensive rap sheet (can someone show me otherwise?), so the kind of person Blake was irrelevant at the time of the indecent. You can’t shoot people and retroactively try to make it ok based on their history.

In the military (for the most part) you can’t shoot people before you positively identify the foe as a mortal threat, but here in the US, police can shoot based on suspicion.

The point is I can make a distinction between the fact that Blake was an awful human being who doesn’t deserve to be elevated to role of martyr and the fact that the police should act in a way that makes reasonable attempts to preserve the ALL the lives of the people they come in contact with.

In other words, the fact that Blake had a rap sheet a mile long is just as irrelevant as his race.

If the details of this case were given to most people without those facts (that he was black or had a history of violence), I think more people would condemn the actions of the officer.

The problem is, the officer is (and I’m just saying this generally speaking as I’ve read nothing about the officer at this point) probably a decent guy who’s served his community with distinction. The real hard part is going to come when a jury has to decide to put a man who’s made one mistake (giving the cop the benefit of the doubt) and put him in jail for shooting a man who’s (apparently) made a lifetimes full of mistakes. Doesn’t seem fair and I think that’s the problem many have with cases like this one.

Again, disclaimer, I don’t know much about the case other than I saw the video. It may turn out the officer has a history of violence and complaints, but even if that’s the case, Blake can no more use that as an excuse to justify his actions than the officer can use Blake’s past against him.

You’ve obviously never been in the military NOR law enforcement. Your screed above is utter nonsense. (1) Blake was WELL-KNOWN to Kenosha law enforcement as a violent person capable of the most heinous behavior. (2) Blake had already threatened the officers there to arrest him. (3) I suspect the officers trying to restrain him had no idea what he might be reaching for under the seat of his car but it was LOGICAL to assume it was a gun since the knife he’d previously held didn’t deter the police. (4) They knew him well enough to know that he was CAPABLE of just about any viciousness you can imagine.
You don’t have to “positively identify…a mortal threat” in combat. That’s a recipe for getting yourself and your comrades killed. If you’re in “injun country” you MUST assume that the “injuns” want you dead.


That might be true and if it is, I think it puts the situation in a different light, but that still doesn’t mean that the officers actions were reasonable.

Is that all it takes is a threat? A thread is enough to shoot a person? I think not. Are you aware of any case law that makes it ok to shoot someone based on a threat?

And yet, obviously not.

Then when the threat is identified, you shoot or you’re going to get situations like this over and over and the evidence will show that black people aren’t given the benefit of the doubt the way whites are. This is empirically studied and proven (though, it’s interesting to note that black people have a propensity to distrust black people almost as much as whites people do when put in similar situations.

Look, for what it’s worth, I think Black certainly played a part in his situation, but it doesn’t make the officers actions justified.

As far as the military, in Afghanistan and Iraq, you can’t shoot someone on suspicion of being an enemy or a threat. Even if their known to be a threat.

Of course you can. Are you REALLY this stupid?

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Leave it to Mr. Brown to defend criminal behavior. If you are Black, you should allowed to attack the police, loot stores, commit arson and trash courthouses and other public buildings. This is what Mr. Brown and his “progressive” allies advocate. If anything negative happens to Black perpetrators, it is “police brutality.”

Mr. Brown and friends will, more than likely, gain control of the government. They will have to deal with the violent demonstrators. If they don’t, the country is finished because no one will go to the trouble of making the goods and services because the underclass demands that they deserve to get everything for nothing.

People think that these demonstrations will end racism. It might change what people say, but is what is in their minds will make it far worse. Who wants to associate with a violent race that promotes violence and looting? Characterizing Blacks that way is clearly inaccurate and unfair, but when Black Lives Matter becomes the face of race, it’s hard not to come to that conclusion.

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I know the answer. I know the answer.

That’s bullshit and you know it.

No, it’s not bull shit. You are voting for the bull shit and you are posting it here. The line of argument you use here are the same crap I read from Democrats on the more left wing blogs.

“The disorder in Portland is limited to a small area of the city.”
“The riots are quieting down.”
“Antifa does not exist.”
“Right wing extremists are stirring up the riots.”
“The Republicans are racists.”

After weeks of denying that the riots were as bad as they were, or ignoring them completely, Biden has now reacted because the violence is hurting his poll numbers. It remains to be seen if the Democrats will be able to shut off the violence. Will Black Lives Matter obey them? The Democrats already have a new line, “The Republicans WANT more violence.”

Funny, I thought that there was no violence until now according to the Democrats.

The Trump and the Republicans face an uphill fight. The Democrats have about 160 of the 270 electoral votes they need to elect Biden without lifting a finger. As I said before, Kalifornia and company would vote for a rat for president over Trump.

Ditto for many of the nation’s college educated youth who have been programmed in our pathetic university system. I got a taste of what it’s like when Rutgers University Law School sent me a left wing rant about how they support Black Lives Matter agenda unconditionally. I earned my MBA there, and I have given them money every year for almost 40 years, but no more. I have been waiting for the other shoe to drop at my other alma mater, the University of Delaware.

The Democrats stand a great chance of taking the Senate because more Republican seats are at stake. As the House, it seems to be a forgone conclusion that Nancy Pelosi will hold on to it. If the Democrats take complete control of the government, get ready to have the Bernie Sanders, AOC, Omar program enacted. There will be nothing to stop them.

You know this is true, Mr. Brown, so don’t come back telling me that you are a moderate Democrat. If you were, you would be upset by the direction you party is headed, but you aren’t.

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He votes for evil because he IS evil.

Of course he’s not. He is evil. How many times do I have to prove that.

Senator Rand Paul and his wife were attacked by a mob last night after Trump’s acceptance speech last night. Had there not been a police escort he would have been beaten up. But these mobs are an illusion, aren’t they, @csbrown28? They are just “peaceful protesters.”

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Guilt by association is bullshit.

Again, I don’t codon that behavior any more than I expect you to explain the bad actions of people on the right.

Try talking to me, not at me.


You Democrats have got it all figured out. When you have some heavy lifting to do, like impeaching Trump for no reason, you get crooked judges, crooked Justice Department operatives, crooked Congressmen and crooked FBI agents to do it for you. If you need to terrorize average citizens, you get your Brown Shirt, terrorist organizations Antifa and Black Lives Matter to do it for you. The news media will ignore or minimize their activities, and the corrupt Democrat mayors and city council members will shield them from the police and prosecution.

You don’t give a damn about any of this because, as a committed socialist, you want the Bernie Sanders - AOC program enacted. All your talk about “capitalism has its good points”: is disingenuous. The truth comes out when you talk about income and asset redistribution. Then you are telling the truth about your true positions are.

You don’t deserve to be treated civilly because you are not honest.

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