Green emergency!

The Democratic handlers of President Joe have instructed (with teleprompters and cue cards for Clueless) him to announce to the citizens of this suffering country that he is declaring a GREEN EMERGENCY! What they REALLYmean is they are declaring a BLUE EMERGENCY in a desperate attempt to prevent heavy Democratic Party losses in November.
Why else would news hogs like AOC get themselves and 12 other Congress persons “arrested” in an obvious photo-op? With invisible handcuffs, no less.
Green Revolution don’t cut it,Mac…we want gas & groceries, safety & security…
Mismanagement from the top down has earned a revolution alright.

Let me see if I have this one figured out: Pelosi, Schumer and Biden ,who are vax crusaders and have gotten every booster possible, test positive for the COVID Virus…it was amusing until I remembered Kamala Harris was waiting in the wings…and AOC, the Master Criminal, of course.

The main emergency stems from the fact that the Democrats stand a good chance of losing their slim majority in the House and perhaps even in the Senate. If that happens, Biden’s proposals for unlimited spending will be dead.

There will also be some honest investigations as to what Hunter Biden and perhaps “The Big Guy” have been up to. Impeaching Biden would be a waste of time except for the fact that people in his lame administration would have to divert resources to defend him. The Senate will never convict him, and we would get stupid Kamala Harris in his place. Her mind is as addled has Biden’s.

We might also get an honest investigation into the origins of Covid. Given the havoc that the virus has wrought, one would think that the Democrats would interested to know its origins so that we might avoid another one in the future.

But, no the Democrats are not interested. Why? One reason is that it might lead to their political soulmates in Communist China. Another might be the Dr. Fauci, who approved of the Wuhan Lab might become implicated. No, the Democrats need to cover that up because nothing embarrassing should ever happen to “America’s foremost epidemiologist.”

1 The problem being the two-plus years they’ve had to bury the evidence (perhaps not all, but much).
2 If they don’t throw him under the bus instead. If I recall correctly, a majority of Dem voters don’t want him to run again, and the Dems in Congress might go along with it.
3 Actually, they might for that very reason of getting Harris in.