‘Green Lives Matter’ Course Title Offends Black Lives Matter…


Black Lives Matter has taken offense at police saying “Blue Lives Matter” and others who say “All Lives Matter,” but now a Wisconsin school is risking ire by branding a class on environmentalism “Green Lives Matter.”
The course at University of Wisconsin at Green Bay will encourage students to support the “environmental justice movement” by “the merging of civil rights and environmental concerns.” But even Scott Furlong, the dean of social sciences at the school, acknowledged that the class name plays on what has become a loaded term.
“Timing is everything,” he told FoxNews.com in an email. “When developed…politicizing the name of the class was not front and center for us.”

University Of Wisconsin ‘Green Lives Matter’ Course Title Offends Black Lives Matter

BLM has shown they take offense at everything even the truth so this is no surprise. As for the environment course I am sure the students will come out knowing less of the environment than when they entered.


Just saw an ad on MSN online where some idiot somewhere started a campaign that “Black Lives Don’t Matter”. Don’t remember where it was because I really didn’t read the article, but I noticed that it said that he was going to be prosecuted for a “hate crime”.

All I can say is that the pro-life people had the right slogan years ago: **LIFE MATTERS.**​ I’m sure someone would find that offensive.