Group plans protest at Benner’s Farm to save beloved cow


[FONT=inherit][FONT=inherit][FONT=inherit][COLOR=#444444][FONT=inherit]East Setauket farmer, Bob Benner and his family have learned to live off their 15 acres of land since 1977.
“We learned, made, and had our own heat. We made our own food. We made our own clothing. We raised a garden,” he said.
With six mouths to feed on a tight budget, Benner began raising certain farm animals as a source of food.
Over the years, Benner’s farm has evolved into a popular attraction for strawberry picking, birthday parties, and class trips for kids. Which is how Kimberly Sherriton, a mother from Commack, got involved with a farm cow that she saw at a birthday party.
Sherriton became heartbroken when she heard that the 2-year-old cow will end up on the Benner’s family dinner table.
Benner says he does not want to sell the cow because his family can’t afford to buy that quality of food.
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Poor snowflakes figure the family can afford to pay for meat but no help forthcoming.


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Sheesh! From where do those silly people think their burgers and bacon come?! From ***M***and Denny’s? :rolleyes:


Then she should buy them hamburger meat for the remained of this cows life then. I was not prepared for this level of stupid so early in the day.