Guantanamo Inmates Could Be Moved To US Jails


**Guantanamo Inmates Could Be Moved To US Jails

The Guantanamo Bay detention centre could be closed and the 166 inmates could be sent to prisons in the US, according to a new government report.
“This report demonstrates that if the political will exists, we could finally close Guantanamo without imperilling our national security,” said Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein, the Senate Intelligence Committee chairwoman who released the recommendations.




How fitting that he refused to talk about doing this in the campaign. Conservatives seemed to have forgotten about this, and now people are acting all surprised. Though, even if he did, the liberals would have backed him up anyway. This is outlandish and ridiculous!!! Now these terrorists can fund domestic terrorists in US jails and we already have gang problems…


Move them to the US? Why? To smear the US military people running Guantanamo? To move the high security risk of potential attempted rescues and escapes onto US shores? To bring more violent people onto US shores? Does she hope to move them to San Quentin and bring more Federal $$ to CA (giving no thought to potential consequences)?

I’ve long said that between them, CA’s Senators have one brain, and Feinstein occasionally uses it. This is not one of those times (not that she’s loaned it to Babs Bouncer!).


“Our” media…knowing and refusing to alert the “populace” to this very real dangers involved would in a SANE world make them complicit .

The emperor has no clothes but he *does have * a mooselim prayer- rug


The Barackna Bama REGIME has made a point of FLOODING us with so many crises that its been hard to remember half of what this vile treasonous punk has threatened us with. Theyve been so successful in OVERLOADING us with issues that I had forgotten this particular issue until reading this article…

The emperor has no clothes but he *does have * a mooselim prayer- rug


The COURT SYTEM will GRIND to a HALT if this is allowed. There will be more mooselim jihadist lawyers in this Nation than Barbers and long haired hippies combined…

Diane…is doing her PC thing…BARRY…his mooselim thing. which is worse? I think the outcomes facilitated by mooselim thinking and political correctness are nearly IDENTICAL.

idi amin obama…imam for life…
piss be upon him