GUINEA PIGS ... (Video)

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I am including a “quick summary”, just below the title in case you don’t feel like going through all the trouble of navigating the web pages.

VIDEO Emerges Of Fauci And HHS Officials Plotting For ‘A New Avian Flu Virus’ To Enforce Universal Flu Vaccination

In this video, they conceptualized having a new outbreak of novel avian flu virus from China so they can bypass the method of FDA approval and enforce mRNA vaccine to the masses.

Margaret Hamburg stated regarding getting a “Universal Vaccine” into the market: “It’s time to stop talking, and it’s time to act… I think it is also because we haven’t had a sense of urgency.”

Michael Specter asked: “Do we need lots of people to die for that sense of urgency to occur?”

Hamburg replied that: “There are already lots of people dying” from the flu each year.

Bruce Gellin stated that basically people just are not afraid enough of the term “the flu.”

[In short, this panel discussion focused on what they perceived as the need for a universal flu vaccine, but they admitted that the old way of producing vaccines was not sufficient for their purposes, and that they needed some kind of global event where many people were dying to be able to roll out a new mRNA vaccine to be tested on the public.]

I did such a p1$$ poor job on my post yesterday on the subject that I have been looking for a way of ‘redeeming’ myself!

I think that I may have done it here! :persevere: