Okay I have heard great reviews of putting those gutters up that have a cap over the top so only a little bit is available for water and that stops the gutters from being filled with leaves and other debris that always seems to get in them if one has trees.

Do they work?

My sister in Seattle likes them. We had problems, though, with Spruce needles, and I don’t think they would have stopped those.

I haven’t any personal experience with leaf-guard gutters, but I’m leary of them. I remember seeing a demonstration of them by a factory rep, and his claims to the contrary not withstanding, you could see several of the leaves going into the gutters. And unlike regular gutters, they’d be a nightmare to clean out.

They are also supposed to prevent ice from sliding off the roof and clogging the gutters.


Given the flimsy way gutters are made now, it seems more likely that the ice would tear the gutters off rather than clog them, although admittedly the leaf-guard variety would be less vulnerable to this.

On edit: I should clarify that the factory demo I mentioned above was on This Old House. I didn’t see it personally; just on TV. But you could still see leaves going in.

When I have my own house, I’m going to make my gutter a functional swirly slide.

Yeah, I seem to remember seeing that, too.

I sold home improvements. Some work, some don’t.
Gutter Guardian, a product that “tops” existing gutters appears to be the most effective, and most expensive.
I work for a man who also owns Gutter Pro. He says they work great. I have heard they, too are good.
Cheap ones don’t work well.

Here is a link that discusses the subject thoroughly;

Google Answers: A LeafGuard (& Gutter Helmet) Dilemma