Guy wearing Trump hat sues bar for refusing to serve him


No need to even comment on the comparisons between this and other cases, it’s quite clear…seems like discrimination based on political beliefs…

Maybe the alt-left will understand and appreciate arguments from the opposing perspectives when their rights aren’t being protected…or maybe not…

Guy wearing Trump hat sues bar for refusing to serve him | New York Post

A third bartender also asked Piatek if his lid was a joke and shouted, “I can’t believe you would support someone so terrible and you must be as terrible a person!” Piatek claimed.
“I wasn’t even trying to order a drink and she said, ‘Don’t even try to order from me. I won’t get you a drink,’ ” Piatek alleged.
A manager said he spoke to the bar owner, and was told, “Anyone who supports Trump or believes what you believe is not welcome here. And you need to leave right now because we won’t serve you!” according to the suit.
Bar owner Jon Neidich did not respond to calls. A manager at the bar refused to comment.
Piatek’s lawyer Paul Liggieri called the incident “humiliating,” saying it was his client’s “saddest hour.”


The laws of that state may differ, but my opinion is that the bar should be allowed to refuse service to the guy. And the guy, similarly, has the right to let people in his community know of this bar’s “policy” so they can “vote” with their dollars and feet.

ETA: OTOH, maybe the best way to get rid of some stupid laws is to jam them down the throats of those who advocated them.


Indeed, they should be allowed to deny service to someone, though I think it’s absurd and quite unpatriotic to deny a drink to someone wearing a positive message about America.

Of course, the obvious comparison is this and the bakery. There should be a balanced level of outrage, online shaming and the like for this denial of service based on ones personal beliefs, right?

Yes, I play devils advocate, but the damage done to that business, their livelihood and ability to earn a living was too extreme to overlook.


Of course the bar was within their Rights, they did not want their establishment being a point of advertisement for beliefs that they oppose.

The only businesses who MUST promote beliefs that they oppose are Christian owned businesses, as an example they must create baked goods that portray things that they find immoral and photograph things which offend them and their Faith; Christians have no “Right to refuse service to anyone”.

But Liberal business owners are under no such obligation according to our Judicial system, which is why I always say that we would be well served by emptying all of our prisons of their current inhabitants and refilling them with Judges.