Gwenn Shotwell wins Werner Von Braun award

Shotwell gives some preview into what SpaceX will be doing for the next few months.

Still doubling down on the space-debris mission… It’s not like you can’t, the problem there is scale. There’s too much up there spread out into too many areas for whatever Starship can gather to be useful.

It really requires an automated technology cleaning things on-the-go, like those Ion-drive cubes the swiss were working on.

Fake x


I was just thinking out loud

That’s what I automatically think when anyone says space x

Is there a reason?

Yeah I don’t think we’ve been to Mars

Well Spacex hasn’t (yet), that’s down the road for them.

But I literally work for a company that built parts for Curiosity and Perseverence. I know the tech who built the descent break.

What’s the disconnect?

Well. I don’t believe anything the government tells me unless I see it for myself, for the most part. Perhaps if I also knew your friends who work on space equipment I’d have a reason to believe in all this space stuff. I don’t really cling to any particular view, I just don’t care. Until I’m blasting into outer space looking out the window personally, I’ll put the notion of space in the same bracket as big foot or the loch ness monster. Maybe they exist, maybe they don’t, and either way it doesn’t affect me at all.

This is not a religious type view I hold. It would be very simple to change my mind I guess, but I don’t really have a mind to be changed. I simply don’t care. But if I were a betting man, I’d place mine on outer space being as feasible as an episode of star trek. If I’m betting poorly that’s fine, it doesn’t affect me.

Please don’t be offended. I’m in no way saying you’re wrong. And I have taken a college astronomy course a long time ago which I found interesting but ultimately a waste of time. Hopefully in a few thousand years we’ll all be traveling to other planets or something.

SpaceX isn’t the Government, and they broadcast live video of their launches.

But the only thing they’ve done in space (besides the ISS capsule) is launch satellites. You can view them flying overhead, especially after they first launch when they’ve very bright; I’ve personally done so. They’re called Sat Flares.

You can also pay to use their service Starlink, which is internet provided via satellites.

Here’s a video of the decent break for Perseverance on Mars, in action:

If it was fake, the Russians and the Chinese would have figured that out in quick order.

It’s possible to radar scan and monitor signals in deep space; we did this to verify China’s landing on Mars a few weeks ago. Equally, if the video was some sort of digital composite, that would have left indicators behind.

Just outer space?

Keep in mind, if you’ve ever used Google map directions to get somewhere, you’re using satellite provided telemetry.

That service would not work without it.

White privilege and white supremacy and colonial behavior. That’s what space exploration is about.

That is my impersonation of a Democrat

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You’re probably right man. I don’t know what to say. I’m definitely not trying to bring anyone over to my way of thinking or not thinking however you view it.

yeah %@&# outer space. That’s some serious racism going on up there. And I’ve never heard it debated if the moon should have safe spaces.

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Can you tell me what precisely you feel is beyond our capability?

Or is it just, you think the capability is there, and that Governments lie about their achievements?

When I meet the occasional person that believes the Apollo moon missions were faked, I point out that we were in a competition with Russia. They wanted to win and they very nearly beat us. Their national pride was hurt by loosing. So if we faked it, the Russians would absolutely have figured it out and would have shouted it loud and far for all to hear to embarrass the US.

Modern missions with Mars don’t have quite the same competition, but I think you’re right. If we faked anything, other countries would figure it out and would not keep quiet about it.

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Sorry that took me so long.

Yes I believe governments lie about everything. I believe 0% of what I hear and less than half what I see. I don’t believe we had the technology to visit the moon back in whenever. I do believe we had the technology to make it look like we did however.

But when it comes down to it, I don’t really have any beliefs when it comes to this topic. I’m skeptical and that’s about it. I find it hard to believe we are the only planet ever with life on it. How did that happen?

If we’re not on a globe, then why tell us we are? I guess it’s all about control? I don’t know.

Alright, so to reiterate, SpaceX is not the Government, and they have not been to another planet. They’ve only been to orbit.

They independently funded their own rocket, the Falcon 9, humiliated NASA by taking their estimate for what that would cost, and beating it by a factor of 10. And also building a capsule, and a landing pad while they were at it.

Ok, how about now?

Who told you that? Mars has seasonal methane patterns we haven’t explained yet, we don’t know what’s under the ice on Europa, and thanks to Kepler and TESS, we’ve found several hundred Super-Earths thus far.

Even the moon had an atmosphere for a couple million years, there could have been life on it at one point, we don’t know.

Have you ever heard of Levelling? It’s a skill you can learn at any community college, and it’s very important when you’re building structures of any appreciable length.

Like canals and bridges.

Levelling teaches to account for the curvature of the earth, if that teaching was wrong, then canals and bridges would be built wrong, with gaps of several feet, yards, or even stories if the distance is long enough.

You’d basically have Surveyors and Civil Engineers everywhere figuring out something was up.

Do I believe we have the technology to go to the moon now? … Let me put it like this. If the moon were a planet hovering overhead, why have we not basically colonized it by now? I think that would be a natural process for man kind to start with the moon as it’s so close. Maybe you can answer that. Why don’t we have anything permanent or semi-permanent on the moon? I guess it’s a hotly contested issue on Earth who gets rights to the moon or something?

If we are basically 100% guaranteed to become a space-faring civilization, why is it just us? Aren’t there zillions of other planets out there? Where are our outer space brothers? This is a real, honest question. I’ve seen huge satellite things we’ve built, sending messages billions of miles into the great whatever desperately trying to find other intelligent life forms. Aaaaand we have found… nothing?

The theory that our planet came into existence after some great spinning blob of intergalactic material fused together the perfect distance from the sun and grew an atmosphere, and life began out of nothing leaves more questions than answers for me. In fact that makes no sense. From what I gather, nothing lives in the vacuum of space, so, um, how did even one single cell capable of reproduction all of the sudden blip into existence and how did it survive without an atmosphere?

All these conditions that have to be met for the earth to support life and just randomly came about through random randomness. Perhaps this planet IS the only planet in the myriad of universes with life because it’s the absolute only one to ever have met the conditions necessary for life to exist? Okay I have to stop or I’ll ask questions all day that nobody has the answers to. And I tend to shy away from any topics that nobody has the answers to, yes, including religion.

And how did Joe Biden become president. :laughing:

Cost. Launching enough material for any human population of any appreciable size is not cheap.

Take your body weight, equate that weight to gold, calculate the value of that gold, that’s how much it costs just to launch you into Low earth Orbit using the Saturn V rocket that the Apollo program built.

To get you from LEO all the way to the surface of the moon? Double it.

This is to say nothing of the air, the food, the waste recycling, the power, the fuel, the environmental equipment you’d need to keep anyone live there for an extended period of time.

The cost is why Nixon killed the Apollo program, and the focus for decades has mostly been on robotic missions. Since Apollo, when we’ve sent people to space, it’s just been to low earth orbit on the ISS.

There’s a 1967 outer space treaty stating no country can claim ownership over the Moon.

Trouble is, that means it makes it very difficult for corporations to want to set up shop there, if they know they have no legal standing to claim anything on it.

Thus, Trump reinterpreted this treaty in 2017, saying while we can’t own land, you can own anything you mine.

Japan and Luxembourg have declared the same thing, and more nations will likely follow.

  1. Radio signals degrade after flying for a few light years, there could have been signals sent our way, but without knowing what we’re looking for, they’d just look like background static.

  2. Also, there’s ALOT of space to look through. We’ve searched through a thimble’s worth of area, in the ocean that is Space. And the thimble’s worth has taken decades to do.

  3. We don’t know how common life or intelligent life is. If we’re the only intelligent ones in our galaxy, it’s a pretty far distance to the next one. It would take millions of years for a signal to travel – in either direction.

Even if the next guys are closer by than that, say, the other side of our galaxy, that’s still 100s of 1,000s of years.

? Life didn’t come into being until we had an atmosphere, as far as we know.

Earth wasn’t a very nice place when life first started here (very hot, bombarded by comets), but there was an atmosphere.

If it’s that expensive just to send someone to the moon then why are earth are we so interested in Mars now, when the costs in my estimation would more than quadruple?

Life began because we have an atmosphere… yes I know this. But how did we get an atmosphere?