Hall of Shame

Here I will list members who have been banned for not following the rules and not being able to have a civil conversation.

First offender, this person is what I like to call a drive by poster.

** JOOON0004**

He posted a bunch of pictures in the Weapons and War Forum, which could easily pass for AL-Qaeda recruiting material. I deleted them and the post because it was vile and in bad taste…basically a lot of dismembered soldiers among other things, including the usual anti-bush propaganda.

Another one bites the dust…actually it is the same guy/girl under a different username. The IP shows up as Amsterdam, but it could just be a proxy.


Primitivefuture, you are banned for spamming your site. It didn’t have to end like this. A few people who have sites here promote theirs, but contribute here. Good luck in your spamming adventures on other forums.


You are banned for not being able to put a coherent sentence together. But more importantly for your extremely annoying use of “hehe’s” .

Comeback in about 10 years when you have passed through puberty.


This idiot tried to pass as a conservative saying he would rape, pillage, and kill all those that opposed democracy.

Another shining example from the left.


Apparently this individual has tried to destroy other boards by posting photoshopped gay porn images with user profile pics and avatars.

'sup bro

Is a throw back to the mid nineties who falied in football and lies about the women he supposedly gets. He speaks in the third person because the first and second person have failed him too many times, I suspect before long he will speak in loose general terms about himself as his illusions of grandeur will come crashing down once again.

In yet another failed attempt by one of the left’s shining lights, Gaylord tried to make us (conservatives) to be nothing more than racist , homophobes, and bigots. Once again they underestimated us, which is why they keep losing elections.

Don’t believe me, look at his profile here read his posts and judge for yourself his intellectual prowess.

Skeptic First

Banned for being a condescending SOB.

It’s been a while since we have had a true troll. Most have been spammers and bots posting stupid love potions and whatnot.

Right -o does get the distinction of being in the hall of shame because he at least got 9 posts in.

For being an unfunny idiot.

I liked this thread, going to revive it :slight_smile:

Say goodbye to the troll independant observer [sic] for this gem of complete stupidity:

Figures these filthy swine would call for such treachery.You know what im advocateing for?Im advocateing for democrat voters to be aborted.REPUBLICAN POWER!!!

Along with a flood of new useless threads and insults to other members. Oh, and good trolls learn to spell.

I have been remiss … say good bye to the deceitfully self-named “Johnny_Conservative”, banned 5 days ago for stupidity in trolling.

Slyfox696- Banned for picking pimentos from piles of caca, and other disgusting trollish behavior.

Biggles53: For your unimaginative needling, you have been pushed down the cheese grater slide to Hades. Good day.


My Conscience is Clear: by unanimous decision, banned for trolling.

I will state that I was personally amused by the troll. I’m sure that was obvious, as was the trolling. I felt a twinge of pity as I lowered the Ban Hammer.

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Please join me in shedding half a tear - that’s about all (s)he deserves - for the late and otherwise unlamented MoonCanvas. Trolls don’t usually self-reveal their species or intent when they pop up. However badly, they do try to disguise themselves. So what follows is my speculation.

I think MoonCanvas came here thinking that starting a thread about autism would lure all the mean, nasty, heartless conservatives that dwell in libs’ and Progs’ stereotypes - and, as MoonCanvas thought, here on RO - into posting mockery of persons with disabilities and challenges. I have to defer the question of whether such mean, nasty, heartless conservatives dwell anywhere other than in libs’ and Progs’ stereotypes to people of broader experience than mine. RO folk didn’t recognize, till the very end of MoonCalf’s thread when (s)he self-revealed (kudos for excellence in troll-handling, Tiny1!), and responded to the disguised trolling compassionately.

I’m sure MoonCalf has moved on, trying some version of his/her faux poll troll on yet another conservative discussion site hoping to flush out some real-life exemplars of libs’ and Progs’ stereotype of conservatives. Adieu and good riddance MoonCanvas! I hope RO’s door hit ya where the good Lord split ya … lots of times!


That’s got to be one of the most fail trolls I’ve ever encountered. Not annoying or funny.

Shed a tear - just one, it’s all (s)he merits - for the newly and involuntarily departed Dutchbros. Dutchbros chose as a forum name the name of a drive-through coffee chain, founded by two brothers who happen to be Dutch. That might have been OK, except for informing RO folk that “Dutchbros” means (s)he is Irish. Not very smart, given that RO has several US West-Coasters, who would recognize the name.

But Dutchbros was sent down the Banhood Cheese Grater Slide for Incompetence in Trolling. Just a couple of friendly tips: limit your cliche’ usage to one cliche per paragraph; don’t make your cliches’ obvious by using them incoherently. I realize trolls don’t respect those they are trolling, but openly displaying that disrespect will result in a troll career being swiftly terminated.

I should add that if anyone chances to travel to the Pacific Northwest, Dutch Bros is very good.