Hall of Shame


Isn’t being Irish cause for a ban anyway? That political survey for Dutchbros was really pathetic.


Hey now! I’ve got some Irish in me…


With apologies for the delay … Chopsley has gotten the chop. He probably suspects it’s a Jewish conspiracy and is working out how.


Ann will no longer be courageously informing RO members that they are like Fred Phelps’ groupies or Nazi-style crematoria operators, or sneering about members’ sex, age, maturity, and mental state (as she did in posts that were Deleted while in Moderation). Ann was placed last week in Moderated posting status and chafed at that hindrance to her Cassandra Fantasy. Ann has informed RO Moderators that she has left RO; understanding the moth-and-flame temptation RO presents - a temptation to which she succumbed multiple times after having stated she was leaving - Ann has been protected from further weakness by being banned.


Letshavelunch will have to find another forum to bash America on. With the execution order given by WIJG, I took great pride in going off Walking Dead style with the ban hammer this morning. I’ll be picking skull fragments from my chest hair for a week I bet. Daryl has nothing on me.
I think it’s time for some coffee now.


Late member paul took the Cheese Grater Slide to a close encounter of the BanHammer kind this AM. And being a spamster, RO has been cleansed of all traces of his presence.


“paul” of shame?..


Late member rebecca took the Cheese Grater Slide to a close encounter of the BanHammer kind late this AM. Like the late member paul, RO has been cleansed of all traces of “her” spamminess.

So long,
Fare ill,
Auf Wiedersehen
Good riddance!


Warrior is banned for not understanding the purpose of a warning.

Don’t go away mad, Warrior. Just… go… away.:dramaqueen:


Member “soconservative” found this AM that two threads (s)he had started had been moved to the Conspiracy Corner. (S)He responded by spamming RO’s boards with more fruitcakery. Member “soconservative” is now no longer able to do this, and I closed as many of his/her spammed drivel-threads as I could find. If anyone finds one I missed, please Report it so the clean-up can be made complete.

And now to sharpen the cheese grater slide that is RO’s path into banhood.


Concerned Citizen has been banned for excessive abuse of pudding. Also, RET was not very thrilled with the invitations to his mother’s basement to play in his peanut butter castle.

Pudding abuse is not pretty folks. Please don’t abuse the pudding.


Gov101 has dropped his last troll bomb. He has been granted a ride in the express elevator to the dungeons, where he will never be heard from again. At least not here. OH look, time for coffee!


OldStyleBlues forgot to cast his Steel Skin spell before entering combat. He failed his critical hit saving throw roll, with a 1. The ban hammer has landed a crushing blow of 6d12 of blunt trauma, with an added 2d12 of Flaming Weapon. This was just too much damage for a low hit point level 2 troll shaman. His corpse has been chopped and burned to fuel the camp’s cooking fire. The smell remains, but the passage of time will cleanse the air.


I suspect that I would give you a “Thanks” if I understood all that gamer-gab. Pong anyone?


[quote=“PeteS_in_CA, post:34, topic:405”]
I suspect that I would give you a “Thanks” if I understood all that gamer-gab. Pong anyone?
[/quote]You’d have to be familiar with DnD rules and dice rolling to get it.


Spamster “vasnas” has been evicted.


Reason10 is no longer with us.

He can go elsewhere with his Trumpbot shouting down of anyone he deems as opposed to his view.

The point of a discussion forum is to discuss. If that’s not why you are here, move along. These aren’t the droids you are looking for.



Don’t go away mad, just go away.


Bobsterino, if you are going to troll, at least try to have some facts to discuss so you can stick around a short while.


Yes folks, even long standing members can end up being asked to leave if they continually cause problems. Unfortunately, after being given many, many chances to follow the rules, Jazzhead has left the building. This wasn’t the outcome we wanted, but he made his decision to post what he posted after he knew he was on his last chance.