Hall of Shame


Dadalus has been crushed by the oppressive will of the ban hammer for his foolishness in the faith and beliefs section. Entering that area with the intent of trolling religious people will not be tolerated. Also, cussing at the mods via PM to express your displeasure at being corrected is probably not a good idea.

Sayonara dude.


Gough Whitlam has been dispatched.

As I brought the banhammer down, I was reminded of the scene in Aliens where the remains of the squad was leaving the power station, and the APC rolled over the head of one of the aliens. It was slightly crunchy, mooshy, and messy.

I just hope he sees this, from his view beyond the realms of the living. I would like him to know, I only did it because I’m a right wing xenophobe. It had nothing to do with him not being able to follow the rules, even after being placed into moderation with a strong warning that he was very close to being banned. Nope, nothing at all to do with that. Simply because I’m intolerant of aliens is why I ended his existence here. You know what else? I feel good about it. I am smiling now, drinking my coffee, and typing up this little entertaining post. I’m planning on sending him off with a 21 gun salute tomorrow. Sunday I shall clean those 21 guns with liberal tears.



TerryOfromCA, fka CaliforniaCatholic, has again been banned, again for inability or unwillingness to play well with others.

Some explanatory background … CalCath had been banned in early 2012 after months of RO’s Mods trying to work with him (almost all of which before I became a Mod). That Terry was probably CalCath was recognized by Mods a couple of days after his Intro post. Over the course of several PMs it was learned that he was, had returned from banishment not remembering he had been on RO before, and - in view of past history - was informed that he would be allowed to post but on a “short leash” that could become longer over time with good participation. That latter didn’t happen, and with his most recent abrasiveness and insults it was decided by RO’s Mods to ban him once again.


RanmaMOJ has been granted his wish for condemnation to the Land of Woe. While it caused me a mild bout of intestinal gas, I shed not a tear, for I’ll always have the memories of all of his Christian bashing to keep me warm at night. I leave Mr. RanmaMOJ with a parting word of sorrow…



I’m sure R-MOJ could find a very warm and welcoming home among DemocraticUnderground’s Christian hater-baiters.


Maybe we should first have cleaned the rust off and sharpened the cheese-grater slide, but scamster-spamster “Republican.thomas” has taken the slide into banhood.

I won’t reveal all the clues that contributed to his demise, but I will thank those who let the Mods know of his $$-soliciting PMs.



Just a note folks: There is what leftists say is racism, and then there is actual racism.

If you feel the need to describe or identify races of people with cute little words that were obviously created to denigrate and insult entire races of people, you are probably going to be banned. Not even probably. Definitely. That kind of thing just isn’t accepted here.


Expanding a bit on Dn’s post, above …

Dn is referring to the recently banned Enki and his post in which he referred to people of several ethnic groups using derogatory-racist epithets, in a way that meant that all people of those ethnicities are racist-victimologist. And then when [MENTION=22278]silliessis[/MENTION] called out the racial epithets, Enki decided to use a derogatory reference to women in insulting RO and said (s)he was leaving. However serious Enki’s, “Adios,” we’ve aided his/her resolve.

My responsive post to Enki’s was not for dramatic effect. One of his/her epithets referred derogatorily to the ethnic heritage of my DIL, who is a much loved member of our family. To mention just one of many of our family and friendship ties. @#$% like what Enki posted is personal for me, and as much so for several/many/most/all RO members.


One last off topic post from me, your resident Confederate:

I look forward to your next incarnation, but be assured that I am quite happy to see that you have committed suicide by mod. I’m sure that you are not Maylar, nor are you J Anderson. Do you know how I can possibly say this? It’s quite simple, really. While I rarely agree with Maylar, or JA, I do recognize that they are in possession of something you lack. Intelligence. Would you like to know something funny? I don’t care if you are a Linux admin. I don’t care if you spoof. I don’t care about moral high ground. I don’t care if you are liberal, or conservative. I don’t care if you live next door to me, and know me in person. All I care about is people following the rules.

I’m sure that you would expect me to be all angry and go off keyboard-warrior style after reading your PM, and your post. I’m sorry to disappoint you, but I find it very amusing. Even though I found your prior posts to be lacking in thought, and poorly conceived in general, all I really wanted to do was give you a stern warning about what’s not allowed here. Instead, I log in this morning and found that you had saved the Mods some time and offed yourself. I had quite a laugh, while drinking my coffee mind you, reading your demonstrated lack of grammar.

Ah yes, my Stars of Dixie wave proudly. They flow in the gentle breeze left by your passing. I look forward to the challenge of finding you again. I am quite sure that if you do happen to register again, we’ll figure you out. We always do.


Unfortunately, after several warnings both in thread, and in PM, we are saying goodbye to J.Anderson. Just because our active membership is not as large as it used to be doesn’t mean that clownery and insulting the membership and staff will be tolerated.

We’ve tried reasoning, we’ve tried asking nicely. I sent a not so nicely worded warning this morning. J. decided to reply in a manner that left no doubts about his ability and/or willingness to follow the rules.
So J.Anderson, reqretfully…