Hanging rooftop pool will let you look 26 stories down


An apartment tower planned in at the former Younkers site in downtown Des Moines will include a swimming pool that hangs over the edge of the 26-story building — giving swimmers a view straight down. Zachary Boyden Holmes from Neumann Monson Archtects renderings

Hanging rooftop pool will let you look 26 stories down

The very thought of it scares me. They have the glass enclosure in Chicago where it hangs over the street but it can be retracted into the building.


Someone’s gonna DIE from that.

A lot of someones. No, not right away; but soon or far in the future…that thing is gonna fail.

…WHY? Aside from the shock value, WHY? For the bzzz-bzzz-bzzz value?


Honestly it doesn’t surprise me. After all you have people that will jump out of perfectly good airplanes for FUN.


I will swim in my pond instead…its a ground level…[ATTACH]2814[/ATTACH]


I will swim in my pond instead.
OK Don…An old joke.
There was this rancher that was wanting to go fishing so he grabbed a bucket & headed for his pond to catch some minnows for bait. As he got close to the pond he heard girls laughing & sure enough there were 4 or 5 girls skinny dipping in his pond. He told them that they shouldn’t be swimming in his pond but the girls said that they weren’t going to get out with him standing there. He told them that they were all wrong & he wasn’t interesting in seeing them naked. He point to the bucket & said I just came here to feed my alligators. (wink).


LOL, good one, that why I keep a pet alligator in mine…


Aww, that is awesome! :slight_smile:


It looks like somthing a liberal with more money than brains would build. I hope that thing is freeze proof. If that thing gave way in the winter from expanding ice, somebody might get killed down below it.


I would expect they would drain it in the winter.


I am not an architect but I would think sheer force would be to great with the winds and the water it self cascading back and forth would add even more force. The drawing looks like there are no fencing around the edges which would be a hazard.

I understand the glass enclosure in Chicago can be withdrawn into the building during rough weather.


And then snow, rain or freezing rain followed but a freeze could fill it up with frozen water. I’m sure they could cover it, but if wanted to err on the side of caution, I’d be concerned.


The wind and the weight would be a greater concern. In windy environs, a skyscraper can sway several inches at the top. That’s intentional - allow some give to dissipate forces. But swaying with that amount of weight…and LIQUID weight, send it back and forth…an oscillating movement that could build on itself until something fatigues and breaks.

Moreover…draining the pool would release a great deal of weight. Now the structure is engineered for that weight out there, probably with counterweights. What happens when that weight hanging out there is REMOVED? Do they have an equal-volume liquid tank at the opposite end of the building to balance things? If not, then with the pool empty, is there going to be pressure to tip the OTHER way?

Talk about a cracked idea.


Surely, these concerns are foremost in the minds of the engineers and builders. We have some amazing structures around the world. This is just one more really fun idea. Fortunately, no one has to use it or go in that building or walk below it, so it’s just a matter of fun for a few wealthy folks.


The minds of rich people always elude me. The question I always ask when they come out with ideas like this is why? I know why a person would want a swimming pool but suspended 20+ stories in the air…

Man’s reach exceeds his grasp.


And thank goodness it does. Without that spirit of adventure, we’d still live in straw huts.


And we wouldn’t have attempted the tower of Babel, or cloning, or searching for ways for homosexuals to procreate, etc. It’s a double-edged sword. I like my modern conveniences; but one could easily make the mistake of choosing them under circumstances which lead to damnation when the guy in the straw hut goes to live in the house where there are “many mansions.”


I cannot disagree with you there but there is a difference between the inventions that resulted from us going to the Moon and a swimming pool suspended 26 stories in the air. Though I cannot dismiss that there may come something out of this endeavor(in the field of structural engineering).


I would have to disagree with you. I agree that there are some things that science should steer clear of but science has given us many more good things than they have bad.


And I can poison a guy’s drink, run him over with my car or drop a bomb on him. Like we say in gun advocacy, it’s not the gun that kills people. People kill people. Bad stuff is going to happen. It’s human nature. That doesn’t mean we should avoid suspending pools 26 stories in the air or developing the means to do so – especially when it’s just F-U-N!

I’d rather see improvements in structural engineering or anything else come from frivolity than serious matters, like war.


For one person to have fun, is fine.

For one person, or one group of persons, to have fun with, essentially thousands of others…who are at risk for injury if this harebrained stunt goes awry, collapse of the pool or the building…is something else.

Used to be called “criminal negligence.”