‘Hannity’ fans boycott Keurig for pulling ads over Moore coverage


They pulled their advertising and now they have the wrath of the Hannity faithful voicing their own displeasure…

Single-serving coffee-maker Keurig is in hot water with “Hannity” fans.

Users bitter the Vermont company has pulled its ads from Sean Hannity’s TV show are calling for a boycott and even smashing their devices on video.

“I pulled an ‘Office Space’ with my Keurig…” tweeted New Jersey Marines veteran and life coach John Angelo Gage, along with a video of him taking a hammer to his Keurig in a nod to the 1999 Mike Judge flick. “ Would be a shame if everyone else joined me in the Keurig Smash Challenge #BoycottKeurig #IStandWithHannity #SundayMorning

The company stopped running ads during Hannity’s 9 p.m. timeslot on Fox News channel after he defended Senate candidate Roy Moore amid allegations Moore routinely pursued romantic relationships with underage girls.


I say this with all honesty: Keurigs suck.

Single serving coffee sucks in general.

Percolators are the way to go. You can make coffee syrup with one, and that’s how coffee is supposed to be. You should be able to pour it into a white cup, and not see any white below the surface.

They are the slowest coffee makers, but they are also the most economical as it takes less coffee grind to make the same amount of coffee.


Frankly I have had a Keurig 60 for a last couple of years, and it does just fine, but Keurig was established by Green Mountain Coffee and it is their coffee products I will not use. Mr Coffee and the other makers do not last over a year, and I got tired of replacing them. Even Cuisanart for all its expense doesn’t last more than two years. and all the lettering on the buttons wore off after 1 year.I only want one cup in the morning ( decaf---- I am banned from real coffee) sadly Keurig is most expedient.


We still have our Keurig though it was really bought for my father in law who passed a few years ago. It has some sensor problems once in awhile, but it does still work. I don’t use it much for my tea, but it’s always nice to have around.

Ultimately, they are free to support who they want, but they must also expect that others will voice their opinions when they pull out of advertising for what I would suggest is premature and also based on Hannity supporting free speech.

There are many who believe Hillary has gotten away with quite a great deal, yet, she still gets her air time even post election and post multiple controversies. I don’t know if this guy is guilty or not, but I certainly would’t want to silence him or te station that gives him airtime.


We’ve been fans of Bunn household coffee makers for decades now and won’t use anything else. We also make tea in our Bunn…a gallon at a time…using “family-size” teabags. Takes about 5 minutes to make a gallon of tea for iced tea. If you keep the pitcher in the refrigerator, it’ll remain fresh-tasting for days. Also, you can make anywhere from 2 cups to 5 cups of coffee at a time in a household Bunn. One of ours developed a leak after 5 years of use. We mailed it back to Bunn and they replaced it, no questions asked.