Happy 400th birthday, king james bible!


It is with great pleasure that I make a motion;to whit, that the Congress of the U.S.of A. celebrate the King James Bible (published 1611 A.D.) on it’s 400th Anniversery!
Do you know anything about this Book? The Old and New Testaments were brought down to us by several routes: Latin,Greek,Hebrew and Armenian. The popular Latin Version (The Vulgate) was the copyright property of the Roman Catholic Church. All rights reserved. They were interested in keeping a monopoly on Holy Writ, as it gave their monks,priests,friars,and like that employment since they were the only ones what could speak Latin! Along came a Mr Wycliffe who busted the monopoly and done translated the Bible into English! Boy ,were the Catholics mad! Forty years after his death, they done went and dug up his bones and burned them, then poured the ashes in the river! WOW! Even the K.K.K. didn’t do stuff like THAT! Another boy named Tyndale,who was a real student of Greek, came along and done went and translated the Bible into English again! This time,they was ready for him and they done went and BURNED that boy like a Bar B Q right there in Brussels, which is somewhere overseas,anyhow.
Mr.Tyndale had done such a good job translating the Bible into English that,bout 80 year later when King James (they done named him after the Bible i think) got together all the notables in England and had them translate her again into English.Well, Tyndale did such a good job that the New Testament in the King James Bible is almost 80% Tyndales work! (I suspect he was from the SOUTH of England)
Anywho, four hundred years is a long time. And folks was burnt for that book. I reckon SOMEBODY ought to say “Hooray” for the Bible in English! What a gift!

Senator Foghorn


The King James Version Bible, and Tyndale’s translation from which it drew, are arguably the greatest unifiers of the English language. The same could be said, I believe, of Martin Luther’s translation of the Bible into German.


I have always heard that Shakespeare (who spelled his own name several different ways) and the KJV Bible were the standardizers of the English language, and that the Martin Luther Bible and Johann Gutenberg’s printing press were the standardizers of the German language.

Since Tyndale was responsible for much of the KJV, he certainly deserves a hand for the process of standardizing the language - as well as bringing the Word of God to the common people.