Happy Birthday Maylar!


Happy Splendid Mollusk Day! :grin:




SOooooo it’s your birthday!!! Well from the ol’ crank; Here’s wishing you a most splendiferous one! Great Blessings to you.


Ditto NJC’s post from me, too!


Papadave, How are you doing these days? into cardio therapy yet?


Start next Tuesday at 12:30PM. Getting my energy back has been too slow to suit me though.


I understand the energy thing, mine was slow in returning but we seem to be doing quite well and the pacemaker is doing it’s job, finally.


Eh, been doing more of it, but diet has suffered from stress and now working 12 hour nightshifts. Stress mostly related to the immigration stuff, and switching tracks to immigrating to Canada. Got the second denial from USCIS. We aren’t appealing it a second time. The USA has at this point has made it clear, it doesn’t want our family in the USA. We give up. Anytime I hear somebody talk about how illegals should do it the “right” way, I just want to cry.


Yeah, but many of us are also saying that Immigration should be doing it the right way, too.


Yet all the effort seems to be going towards deporting people first, NOT fixing the system for doing it the right way first. That tells me EVERYTHING about the priorities of the USA. Don’t even begin to tell me the priority isn’t deporting people, because everyday people are being deported, families ripped to apart (LIKE MINE!) etc. It’s happening, all the time, every day. In fact, under Obama, we have deported 2.5 MILLION people, that’s 23% MORE than under Bush. That means Obama has deported more people than the sum of all 19 presidents from 1892-2000. Since conservatives LOVE deportations (just look at this forum for example!) then shouldn’t you all be happy about this? Now Trump has said he is going to step up deportations EVEN MORE (11 million people!), saying they need to do it the right way, a way that is, as you’ve so much as admitted, BROKEN. Heck, every one of those 11 million people he said would need to get back in line to do it the right way. Did you know people deported in the manner he wants are BANNED from even “trying” to do it the right way for TEN YEARS!? Don’t believe these numbers? https://www.dhs.gov/sites/default/files/publications/ois_yb_2013_0.pdf

If the USA is this anti-immigrant, legal or not legal, then it should just say so and stop this game that hurts it’s own citizens in this manner. It’s obvious to me the USA does not want our family in the USA. Fine, so I will leave. The USA, for all it’s vaunted freedoms and world status, is a sham. From hacked elections, to the dumbing down of it’s education system, to it’s anti-immigration policy it is making it very clear it’s hostility to outsiders and its own citizens.


Actually, I believe that admitting illegals and denying legitimate immigrants is by nefarious design.

You can talk about how many have been deported under Obama, but the real question is what percentage of those who come are they? They saw Obama’s policies as an invitation; and I suspect a much higher percentage were winked at than under Bush.


Actually, you’re wrong about this Maylar. The REAL emphasis from the right is to STOP illegals from entering the U.S.–first and foremost. It’s why Trump’s claim of building a wall (practical or not) is so popular. I don’t know (or understand) all that you’re going through. I don’t think the government can keep a citizen (and/or his legal wife) from returning to the U.S. unless there’s some other factor involved, and we don’t know what that other factor might be at this point.

Nobody denies that the LEGAL immigration system is broken. It’s tedious, time consuming and often simply unfair. However, we should NOT be “legally” admitting people about whom we know absolutely nothing, who are infected with deadly diseases or who are constitutionally or educationally unable (or unwilling) to assimilate into AMERICAN society. America is a unique society but it shouldn’t be expected to “adapt” to immigrants. They should be expected to adapt to US so America can retain it’s unique character. We need to stop illegals from invading our country FIRST. THEN we can work on fixing what’s wrong with the legal system.


I’ve gone over stuff about what’s going on with my family a number of times. Frankly, maybe you have your opinion because you aren’t going through it. As far as I’m concerned, the USA has screwed my family over so bad, took over 10k of our money on immigration costs, etc etc… the USA government has literally split our family across the world, barring my wife from entering the USA even though we’ve done NOTHING WRONG and done everything asked of us. Literally the solution is for me to leave the country and immigrate to another country, just so we can be a family. You haven’t been betrayed by the government like we have, it’s easy for you to talk about keeping people out. It ain’t personal is it? You’ve no idea the damage the current system is doing to it’s own citizens… I’m not alone, lots of people are in my same situation. I’m not going to fight this for 10 years like some people do. I’m not going to miss out of 10 years of my sons life any my wifes life over this!

I’m angry, emotional, sad, depressed, etc, because my own government, the supposed bastion of freedom, has screwed our family over so hard… that it’s hard to believe in it anymore. I literally look at the elections going on and feel utterly dead inside to it all now. You all are getting the politicians you exactly deserve.