Happy Birthday Razor


Not sure if you’ll be in at the right time, but best wishes; hurry up and eat all that cake before Christmas dinner!

And Blondie, I did notice that it’s your birthday too; happy 18th! I realize you probably won’t be around to see it, but just in case you drop by as an unnamed visitor, I wanted you to know that you have some friends here who are thinking about you and wish you well.


Many thanks FC, much appreciated and i have the birthday clam YAY!.
Working 12 hour night shifts (with an hour or so travelling to work!) seven days a week is starting to take its toll on this old body! :wink: Still, i will get time off for good behaviour over Christmas and a chance for some R&R.


Happy birthday, Razor! People like you give hope that EuroLand may yet be re-colonized with sanity.


Happy Birthday!


Happy b-day to both, though I don’t know Razor very well.


Pete - We treat Euroland as a Theme Park (although, it has no theme!)
tperkins - Thank you very much
SuddenImpact - Much appriciated, I have been around for a long time, but not as long as EV! :smile:

Blondie: where are you, birthday chick?


Unfortunately, she had to leave due to an internet stalker.


Happy Birthday!!!