Happy Birthday RET


When are you going to hurry up and get older than me?.. :tongue: Happy Splendid Mollusk Day!


Happy Birthday, RET!


Happy birthday!


Thank you everyone!
The grandbabies showed up last night and are going to spend all day helping me work on the equipment and the yard, that was what I wanted for my birthday so all is good!

Plus the NFL called and said they would celebrate by having a football game for me tomorrow, that was very nice of them.

By the way, Happy Birthday to Ronald Reagan as well!


Happy Birthday you old codger!!


GEE RET!!! Happy Birthday to you!!! I am on so seldom any more, I plumb forgot! God Bless you my friend.


You didn’t miss it; I just started the thread this morning.


51 today, my wife keeps asking "do you feel older?"
I keep saying “Nope”, but I tend to fib about such things :slight_smile: