Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


Just stopping by to wish all a very Happy Thanksgiving!


Hey Perkins Man, its good to see you. How ya been? Doing great I hope.

Best and Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.





Perk!!! Awesome, i was just wondering what ever happened to you. Happy thanksgiving!! Hope to see you around a bit more.


I hope everyone has an incredible Thanksgiving as well, Thank You Perk for starting the thread!

This is at the top of my list this year!


Good looking kid, Ret, congratulations. Happy Thanksgiving to all.


I celebrated my Thanksgiving yesterday and I am staying away from the stores for the next few days. I had gone to Walmart and I did not see any sales but according to the paper there are going to be stores opening late at night to get the jump on the others. I did see a whole wad of circulars in the evening paper.



Hey TPerk…good ta see ya. Happy Thanksgiving to all…including those who have me on ignore! :smiley:


Happy Thanksgiving Everyone (and the newborn too)!
I’m about to dig into my first turkey in 4 years!!! Don’t think I’ll be able to hold the computer in my lap after I’m done eating :wink:


Hope everyone had a happy thanksgiving. Personally, I’m thankful I didn’t pop…


Good looking young’en there Ret


Thank you!
That is my first grandchild, little Kaylee. I now have to share her with all the relatives that we only see on holidays but tomorrow I get to hog her again!


Thanx, TPerk. Happy Thanksgiving to you, too.
You make a proud Grampa, proud, RET.