Hardworking Urban Artist Murdered by Police Buying Shoes for Mama


Note, this promising young man, who goes by the tag “Donkey Cartel” (double entendre for symbol of the Democratic Party maybe) was “turning his life around” and expecting a baby in February. I wonder what preparations he was making to be a good role model. Also, note headline relating to role of “gun violence.” So remember it was the gun that did this.

Parents of teen gunman killed by off-duty officer speak out

Parents of teen gunman killed by off-duty officer at Northlake Mall in Charlotte, North Carolina speak out

 Parents of a North Carolina teen slain by an off-duty cop during a mall  shooting on Christmas Eve are mourning the loss of their son.
  Daquan Westbrook, 18, spent his last moments at the Northlake Mall in Charlotte, shopping for his mother’s Christmas present, [Sheana Shirley told WSOC.](http://www.wsoctv.com/news/news/local/exclusive-parents-armed-teen-killed-northlake-mall/nprcr/?ecmp=wsoctv_social_facebook_2014_sfp)
  He had just gotten off the phone asking her shoe size when he bumped  into a rival gang member who shot his older brother in the head, Shirley  said.
  After being jumped and attacked, Westbrook pulled out a gun and fired, [sending the mall into a panic on one of the busiest shopping days of the year](http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/shots-fired-northlake-mall-n-christmas-eve-article-1.2476181), police said.


via wsoctv.com Daquan Westbrook’s parents were heartbroken after their son died on Christmas Eve.

          His mother said she wasn’t surprised Westbrook had a gun after his  older brother was shot in the head, but she had advised him to avoid his  assailant.
  “He wasn’t looking for that boy, he told me,” the heartbroken mother  said. “I told him, ‘baby, I don’t need you to be in jail, and I don’t  need you to be dead.’”
  But after sending bullets through the mall packed with last-minute Christmas Eve shoppers, Westbrook ended up killed.


Robert Lahser/AP Authorities and emergency crews rushed to the mall on Dec. 24 after hearing reports of shots fired.

          Officer Thomas Ferguson, who was off-duty, was working a second job at the mall. He confronted Westbrook after hearing gunfire.
  Police said Ferguson opened fire and killed Westbrook after he aimed his gun at the cop.
  His mother doesn’t believe that her son would carry out such a brazen act.


Instagram Daquan Westbrook, a rapper who goes by the name “Donkey Cartel,” was killed on Thursday after pulling out at a gun at the Northlake Mall.

          “If that police told Daquan put that gun down, Daquan would put that  gun down, it’s not like he’s crazy or mental or nothing, he was very  respectful,” she told the local station.
  Officer Ferguson has since been put on paid administrative leave as officials investigate the shooting.
  Westbrook, who also went by his rap name “Donkey Cartel,”had a mixtape  titled “Convicted Felon with a Weapon” released in April.


Instagram Westbrook had a long history of gun violence but was turning his life around, his mother said.

          The aspiring rapper had a long history of gun violence after being  charged in 2014 for shooting a 12-year-old boy in the leg in 2013. Since  then, he had been arrested at least 11 times, according to police  records. His most recent arrest was on Oct. 18, for marijuana  possession, speeding and resisting arrest.
  Westbrook’s parents **said he was turning his life around****, going to  Gaston Community College and hoping to work in construction with his rap  music as a side career.**

** He was also expecting a child in February.

Jim (JBG)



Often times I’m on the side of the person being abused by the police… but this doesn’t look like a case of that to me. He shot a 12 year old boy? Then arrested 11 times in just a years time? And we are supposed to believe he was “turning his life around.”? And he opened fire with an illegal gun in a busy mall!

Sorry, I don’t buy it. I actually believe the officer this time.


Most momma’s never will admit, even to themselves, that their kid is on the skids bad.
IOW, I agree w/you. Even with willing to gladly admit when it’s the cop(s) who were in the wrong. This time I don’t buy momma’s story. Oh, Daquan, (aka Donkey Cartel), probably was in the mall buying his sweet momma shoes, and even on the phone calling to ask her size. However, it’s also highly probably that it’s no great surprise that he - just somehow - ran into a RIVAL GANG MEMBER there.

As an aside, what’s with the boatload of cop cars lining the mall entrance? They ALL gotta get in on it…just so some other moron can easily rob the corner convenience store?


“He was such a good boy”

Heard it too many times. Here’s a collection of tears I’ve shed over the loss of such good model citizens.

Right here, in this bucket.


It appears that my bucket is empty.

I guess I should refill it.

Oops, I missed the bucket.


Maybe it’s time to train cops to shoot to not kill… like the rest of the world.


Thug shot should have been the headline


Granted, I did expect something Liberal, but not something quite this dumb of a statement.

When you shoot, you shoot to kill, especially if your assailant is armed w/a gun, too. Else wise, expect your body to be the next to show up in the morgue.


I don’t think you have time to be a thug if you’re working two jobs…

But he used a gun to defend himself, then got shot…

It seems as if he didn’t have the gun, he would have been more protected.


Just when I thought I couldn’t see a more ignorant, stupid, and imbecilic post, you decide to pop in with this shining gem of idiocy.

Thank you. My faith in the existence of infinite idiocy is restored.


I argue that shouldn’t be the rule for cops. When you shoot at someone, you don’t ‘need’ to kill. The rule for cops now is to kill, and through the years we have a lot of cops shooting unarmed people with the excuse that it’s justified at the moment … though in hindsight it was not.

To kill someone should be the ‘last’ resort for cops, not the first one.


Okay, explain why it’s stupid.

The main complain with the black lives movement is that cops go for the kill first… where in a place like the UK, they don’t. Maybe if cops are train differently… we don’t have cases of

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SeoZkgjCHJ4 a kid shot within 2 seconds of the police coming into action

and this happened 2 days ago Wrongful death suit filed in Chicago police shooting - CNN.com Chicago Police Shooting of Grandmother, Teen Draws Criticism - ABC News

But of course the rest of the first world have cops who don’t shoot first and aren’t train to kill and they have less violence and less cop related deaths.


Please refer to DevilNeck’s post #9.


He says it’s stupid, but he doesn’t really explain why it’s stupid. Maybe he just disagree with it strongly and has to resort to name calling and trying to shame me.

With crime basically going down, maybe cops shouldn’t have to kill people as apart of the process. Every week if not every day there’s a cop killing someone who didn’t have to die. I’m sure there are people who do want to kill cops, but in a lot of these cases, the cops aren’t in danger.

Right now i’m just hearing you’re supposed to… but not why. shot their foot, shoot their leg… they might die in the process, but you can still try it. Cops aren’t supposed to be executioners, but lately they are.


Horse hockey. And I will explain why it’s a tactically stupid concept.

When you find yourself in a deadly-force situation, there’s a whole lot of “I don’t know” going on. Here’s a few of them:

I DON’T KNOW if he’s going to move in such a way that a peripheral hit will turn into a miss.
I DON’T KNOW if the perp has a gun that I haven’t seen (possibly a more capable one than mine; full auto, anyone?).
I DON’T KNOW how many perps there might be, and how much time I’ll be wasting making sure that Perp #1 isn’t going to be a threat because I was trying a highly unreliable tactic and give time for Perp #2, #3, #4, etc. to shoot ME to KILL.
I DON’T KNOW if the tactical situation will require me to change magazines because I was wasting ammo on stupid tactically inadvisable shots in order to protect the perp instead of myself AND MY FELLOW COPS.
I DON’T KNOW how many shots the PERP will get off AFTER I’ve inflicted a nonlethal hit on him.

There’s a lot of Hollywood mentality among those who don’t know the first thing combat. In real life, nonlethal hits are a LOT harder to achieve, and are of poor reliablility. I speak as someone who’s spent a lot of time and thousands of rounds at the shooting range, and not as an armchair shooting coach. I KNOW what it takes to hit a STATIONARY target on the range. The magnitude of difficulty of trying to hit a LIVE PERP who’s doing his best NOT to get shot is several orders higher. And that’s just for a center-of-mass shot, not a peripheral arm or leg hit.

If “every other country” adopts a shoot-not-to-kill policy, then there are a lot of foreign crooks laughing their butts off.


(Not sure how long my patience will hold out. I don’t generally reply to liberals because I don’t suffer them well, and it’s just best for all concerned if I allow others in my stead.)

With crime basically going down,

Where’d you come up with that anecdote?

maybe cops shouldn’t have to kill people as apart of the process.

Cops are not apart from the process; they are a part OF the process. But only a part.

Every week if not every day there’s a cop killing someone who didn’t have to die. I’m sure there are people who do want to kill cops, but in a lot of these cases, the cops aren’t in danger.

Tell the cops looking at “Kill Cops” signs that.

Right now i’m just hearing you’re supposed to… but not why. shot their foot, shoot their leg… they might die in the process, but you can still try it. Cops aren’t supposed to be executioners, but lately they are.

Ever try “shotting” someone’s foot? Even in a very serene, have all the time you like, circumstance? How good were you at it?
Civilians aren’t supposed to be executioners, either. But if it’s them or me, believe me, I’ll do my best to make sure it’s them.


FC, apparently we were posting at the same time. I shoulda left it to you. Ya did a better job.
Doubtfully good enough, however, to convince someone who wants to save the lives of murdering scumbags over those of law enforcement officers.


[quote=“JEWilliams, post:5, topic:48033”]
Maybe it’s time to train cops to shoot to not kill… like the rest of the world.
[/quote]And Donkey Cartel’s life was worth risking the life of cops and ordinary citizens?


Thanks; glad to know we’re on the same page here when we’re somewhat at odds elsewhere!


If in a situation like this… it seems to be more reasonable to wait for back up and approach with full force.

The only thing i got from what you say is… there’s more reason to be cautious than to go with deadly force.

My idea seems to be stupid… only if a cop decide to take care of things alone.

Even if a non lethal hit is hard to pull off, missing might be better.

I think i need to repeat, there are many situations where people who has no intention of attacking cops are being killed by cops…

But how about if i give more information in regard to the situations I’m talking about… black people who have toy guns who are shot by the cops believing they’re in danger.

One example is Tamir Rice who wasn’t even given a warning and was shot in 2 second… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xIvQVU_pmBg

Another example, a man shot for holding a toy gun he found in walmart https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6N3UuBQjMs8

Though shooting to not kill doesn’t mean immediately go for the foot… maybe non lethal weapons.


Oh, I don’t have to agree w/someone on all things in order to get along.
My husband appreciates that attribute in me, as well.