Harris-Perry Throws Away TV Career, Petulantly Plays Race Card ...


Harris-Perry Throws Away TV Career, Petulantly Plays Race Card From Bottom of the Deck
by Joe Concha
10:39 pm, February 26th, 2016

As reported here and elsewhere, Melissa Harris-Perry has walked off her own MSNBC program.

She should just keep on walking…

Said walk-off comes in protest around her weekend program being pre-empted a whole two weekends in a row as the network — like basically everyone else — has gone all-in on election coverage. This decision by MSNBC management was obviously far too much for the fragile ego of Ms. Harris-Perry to handle, so she decided it was a really good idea to commit TV career suicide instead.

And that’s what we’re all witnessing right now: A complete meltdown by someone who really should know better than to go down that one-way road to public access. …

“Don’t let the door hit ya …!”

Even Prog sympathizers on Mediaite are less than impressed at her ego and skills as a program host.


Pete - Why didn’t ya finish that quote? “Don’t let the door hitcha where the good Lord splitcha!” This is merely the end result of the entitlement culture. She thinks she’s “entitled” to her program–even though NO ONE else is entitled to THEIR job.


I never heard of her…