Has Trump Finally Jumped The Shark?


Trump said Carson has a “pathological disease” with no cure, comparing it to the incurable mental conditions of child molesters.

“A child molester, there’s no cure for that,” Trump said. “If you’re a child molester, there’s no cure. They can’t stop you. Pathological? There’s no cure.”

With his voice growing louder and louder, Trump questioned what sort of person would attack his mother. He questioned how a belt buckle could stop a blade, stepping away from the podium to demonstration how such an attack might happen and how his own belt buckle wouldn’t stay in place long enough to stop a knife.

“Anybody have a knife?” Trump asked the audience, which was screened by Secret Service agents who began protecting him this week. “You want to try it on me?”

Trump was flabbergasted: “How stupid are the people of Iowa? How stupid are the people of the country to believe this crap?”

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Trump can be unintentionally hillarious. :coffee_spray:


Trump’s a rich bully at heart. Only the weakminded follow bullies.

But I think his “jump the shark” moment may have occurred when he promised a “deportation force”. That’s simply chilling. How can anyone who calls himself a conservative support the creation of a new federal police force to hunt down and seize illegals off the streets? Seems like fascism on the order of Hitler’s SA.


Great for citizens to be reminded of his true colors and character. Just in case they were falling for his “calm and controlled” schtick.


I took reason10 off of Ignore so I could hear him justify this.




Judge the entire video. Get the facts, not the opinions of the conservative establishment.


There is no justification for the characterization of what Trump said, as put out by establishment rag National Review. (And to think I subscribed to that magazine all throughout the 90s and most of this century.) You’re going to hate Trump based on what the Trump hating National Review has to say. Of course, they have bashed him since he first announced. They were worse than the Democrats.

I go by what THE DONALD has to say and I take him in context. Some total retard tried to call that Iowa speech a 90 minute tirade. That’s a lie. The bit about the belt lasted less than five minutes. The rest of the speech was so calm that you’d think THE DONALD was trying go imitate Jeb.

Don’t judge it by National Review’s hateful remarks.

Judge it by what Trump says IN CONTEXT. That’s all I’ve ever done.

Just remember: The man is campaigning. ALL the Republicans are campaigning. Ben Carson (who by the way RIGHT NOW is not leading Trump in ANY poll) has risen up and has become fair game.


You’re worse than any Paulbot I’ve ever encountered.


[quote=“EdogMK2, post:8, topic:47694”]
You’re worse than any Paulbot I’ve ever encountered.
[/quote]It’s true. All other Trump supporters (or supporters of any candidate for that matter) concede the candidates shortcomings but this guy would seriously argue Trump’s sh!t don’t stink.


I’m NOT a Trump fan, but what makes you think he’s talking about a “new” federal police force? We’ve got thousands of ICE and BP agents already on the payroll. Why not turn THEM loose to do what we’ve been paying them to do and then preventing them from doing it?


You continue to compare Donald Trump to Rand Paul and you’re not even willing to look at the video.

Who’s being the ‘bot’ here? Because right now you represent the most PRO HILLARY person I’ve ever seen.


You’re for open borders, I get it, everyone here gets it. Why not cut the crap and give reasoned arguments for your positions.

  1. No; he was comparing you as a Donald Trump supporter to a RON Paul supporter.
  2. If you were any more full of dog crap, your ears would be barking…


[quote=“Fantasy_Chaser, post:13, topic:47694”]

  1. No; he was comparing you as a Donald Trump supporter to a RON Paul *supporter.*2. If you were any more full of dog crap, your ears would be barking…
    [/quote]It’s pretty damn suspicious to me when a guy doesn’t know the difference between Rand Paul and Ron Paul.


That part wasn’t as clear as the fact that Edog was talking about supporters, and not the candidates (past and present). He either skimmed the post incredibly fast, or deliberately ignored Edog’s point.


Well, as a matter of fact, Trump found out from the border patrol that the KENYAN SHOESHINE BOY told them not to do their jobs. There weren’t enough Muslim terrorists here yet.

You don’t have to be a Trump fan to know that he’s right and that he’s better qualified for the job than anyone else running today.

  1. No; he was comparing you as a Donald Trump supporter to a RON Paul supporter.

And that’s just plain ignorant.

  1. If you were any more full of dog crap, your ears would be barking…

I’m not the one trying to get Hillary elected here, fella.

It’s either going to be her or Trump, whether you RINOS like it or not. That’s the choice.

If you RINOS get your way and get John Kasich or Jeb Bush as a nominee, then Hillary will be the next president. Then we’ll see the real dog crap here.


No, r10, no one is comparing Trump to Ron Paul. As many - myself included - have pointed out in the past several days, we have been comparing your posting behavior to that of Ron Paul advocates, “Paulbots”. And nothing more.


I watched Trump’s entire tirade as he spoke in Iowa. Occasionally Trump gets it right, but on too many issues the man is a misinformed knuckle-dragger.

Has Trump “jumped the shark” with his latest attack on Carson? Hell yes!! But, Trump often “jumps the shark”.

I think Trump has not only done harm to his own campaign among folks with an IQ above room temperature, but I think his often quoted and quotable displays of ignorance will serve to assist Hillary Clinton in what will WITHOUT DOUBT be her effort to paint all Republicans as drooling idiots, including her Republican opponent next fall.


Some of you seem to expand on Trumps rhetoric. While there are others I like better than Trump, as I have repeatedly said, Trump echoes the frustration of mainstream America, that’s all. yes round up all ILLEGAL immigrants, they are illegal, what is it about ‘illegal’ some of you don’t understand. Please for goodness sake don’t read into what folks like Trump and others say, just take them verbatim. As for his attacks on Carson , which was the initial focus, he like others read far more into the Carson book comments that was meant to to be aired. Because the MSM exaggerated much of what was written in Carson’e book, allthe politicians have to jump of the mudslinging platform. I was very disappointed Trump was among them.