Hassan Rouhani is Iran's next president after appealing to tradition, reform


Hassan Rouhani, a moderate, is Iran’s next president - CNN.com


Huh, landslide in the 1st round, I would have though another Ahmadinejad type would win. I mean the President of Iran doesn’t actually have much power, things probably won’t change much, still public will clearly exists to oppose the ruling Iranian conservatives, that’s something.


I actually have a friend who is a US citizen but is an Iranian Shi’ite Muslim with family still in Iran, and I contacted him immediately after seeing the news to get his take on the election. What he said was that we shouldn’t expect much in terms of hard policy changes, but we can expect a softening of the rhetoric towards the west and a (hopefully) eventual normalization of relations between the US and Iran.


The religious leaders still control Iran, no matter who has been elected to the presidency.


True, they selected the candidates beforehand.