Hateful Racist Liberals Call For Lynching of Clarence Thomas


The rabid right is again spewing hate toward blacks and others


Oh wait this is from the left. Although I see history revisionists the truth is the KKK was started by democrats.


Ah the peace loving left. That old lady said she was packing, aren’t they supposed to be against conceal carry?


Shame, that. Wretched shame.


They can’t be racist. They’re Democrats!


Well, they seceded from the union in 1861, founded the KKK, they had FDR, who was racist against Japanese Americans by putting them in internment camps, George Wallace was a democrat, Theodore Bilbo was a democrat.

Nope. Democrat’s aren’t racist. They love civil rights.



Exactly, just ask the left and they will tell you about the “switch theory”, basically all those Racist Demoncrat’s switched to being Republicans because the Demoncrat’s became pure and honorable!


How many pre-1964 southern racist Democrat bigots did NOT join the Republican party after 1964?

Orval Fabus
Benjamin Travis Laney
John Stennis
James Eastland
Allen Ellender
Russell Long
John Sparkman
John McClellan
Richard Russell
Herman Talmadge
George Wallace
Lester Maddox
John Rarick
Robert Byrd
Al Gore, Sr.
Bull Connor

Cut and pasted from this guy: Doc’s Q&A - Yahoo! Answers from this: Were the dixiecrats “liberal”? - Yahoo! Answers


Were the Republicans back then anti-racism? Or about the same?


If I have my history right, the Republicans were anti-racism.
BUT, they were seen as, and portrayed as racist because they thought government should stay the heck out of interfering with people’s, (individual State’s) problems, and trusted that the problem would solve itself out in due time, all on its own.
BUT, (again), the issue was pushed, And when push came to shove, it was the REPUBLICANS, NOT the DEMOCRATS, who voted for equal rights.


The Demoncrat’s today support the Racist “Affirmative Action” laws.

The Demoncrat’s “back then” filibustered the civil rights act in an attempt to kill it in the Senate, the Republicans broke the Filibuster.

And the Demoncrat’s formed the KKK and authored “Jim Crow Laws” before that

And the Demoncrat’s started a war to keep the institution of slavery a legal practice before that.

And the Demoncrat’s drove the Anti Slavery faction out of their Party in 1853.

The Demoncrat’s are now, and always have been, Racist’s.

The GOP was founded in 1853 as a third Party that split from the Demoncrat’s over a desire to abolish slavery in America.

The GOP ended slavery in America after their first White House win.

The GOP was hated in the South that passed Jim Crow Laws and formed the KKK, calling someone a “Republican” was the highest insult you could level against a Racist. It would probably get your nose broke.

The GOP provided the votes to get the Civil Rights Act to the Presidents desk.

The GOP today opposes the last frontier of Demoncrat institutionalized Racism, Affirmative Action.

The GOP is and always has been the Party that opposes institutionalized Racism.

There has never been a “switch”, the Demoncrat’s have been on the wrong side of history from the very start, just as they are today.

All of this is a matter of well documented history. The tales of individuals “switching” Parties is an attempt to steer attention away from the FACTS that speak for themselves.

Demoncrat’s are Racist’s.


That’s so interesting! Interesting because the ‘right wing’ is asssociated so strongly with racism, and they use opposition to immigration as the ‘proof’ of this! Or at least as a brush with which to tar the right with a false image. So crazy. More needs to be done to get that out there because the rest of the world has been fed a bunch of bs.

Although I’m not sure using 200 year old proofs is such a great idea, would give too much ammo. I’d point to their current racism in the form of political correctness, which IS racist. It’s like saying ethnicity is a weakness, like being disabled by comparison. Saying ‘differently abled’ should replace ‘retarded’ is fine, but then to extend that to race and religion is wrong.


Conservatives are not against immigration. They are against ILLEGAL immigration. Democrats/Liberals are for ILLEGAL immigration because they see it as a growing voter base if they support them. The Liberals then twist the Conservative position against ILLEGAL immigrations as being racist and anti-immigrant.

Example: We sponsored my wife’s family to immigrate here. It took over ten years after they applied for them to be allowed to come here. If they spoke Spanish and hopped the southern border ILLEGALLY, the process would have been much cheaper and taken much less time.


Democrats/Liberals, by their own virtue, birthed the bastardization of our Constitution, and I will take no prisoners.


The left screams RACISM! Every time they cannot produce a legitimate argument for their ideas to counter the Conservative position.

They think it will keep them from admitting their true motives but people here have figured this out and don’t buy this load anymore.

It did not help that the GOP spent many years afraid of these baseless accusations and defended themselves instead of just throwing the facts right back in their face.

That is why I always lay out the simple summary that goes from today right back to the founding of the GOP. If you don’t walk them back systematically the Left tries to spout their stupid “Switch theory” to claim that their own sins are actually the sins of Republicans.

The easily verified facts I listed show that the Demoncrat’s have been on the same trajectory since day one and so has the GOP.

Plus it really ticks them off to hear their own ACTUAL history thrown in their face and I do like making Liberals angry :beerchug:

Oh yeah, no doubt about it. Punishing several ethnic groups for the color of their skin with Affirmative Action is another modern day example of Racism codified in law.

Liberals oppose our 1st Amendment “Freedom of speech and Religion”
Liberals oppose our 2nd Amendment, “The right to keep and bear arms”
Liberals oppose our founding concepts, “All men are created equal with certain **inalienable rights. Among them life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness **”
Liberals oppose Constitutional limits on the power of the Federal Government (although the GOP has their own dirty laundry on this one as well).

Anyone could increase this list quite easily.
The GOP is just now starting to stand up to these baseless accusations like “Racism” and point the finger right back in the Nazi faces of Demoncrat’s on this issue. If they continue to “grow a pair” the Liberals will abandon this stupid tactic just so we will stop responding by summarizing their entire history on the issue of race.

I don’t care either way really, the moment they play the race card I have won. The easiest hay-maker to throw is the overwhelming pile of evidence that shows Demoncrat’s have always been the Racist Party. :banana:


Yes, most of the media are liberal and are all too happy to help the liberal politicians push their propaganda. The word Journalist has lost meaning in the last few years.



We have winner! :banana::cool::slayer:


I’m still thinking at least Goldwater if not Truman with the seeds planted during FDR.


[quote=“Bucks, post:15, topic:29059”]
Yes, most of the media are liberal and are all too happy to help the liberal politicians push their propaganda. The word Journalist has lost meaning in the last few years.

[/quote]I would say what they call journalism now was referred to years ago as yellow journalism and was restricted to inflammatory and
trash talk.

Yellow Journalism