Hawaii Five-0


Anybody on this board watch it? If so, did you watch this past Monday’s show yet? I enjoy this show. I don’t take it as anything other than entertainment, but Monday’s show p’ed me off. The 2 main characters went to a gun shop to investigate a sniper and asking about if the guy bought the rounds there. The gun shop owners says they don’t track what rounds they sell and to whom, so one of the main guys go off on an anti-gun tirade and has an argument with the store owner. Its very outlandish on both ends. Makes Danny look like a liberal puppet, regurgitating all the “common sense” anti-gun arguments and makes the gun owner look like a whack job that can’t form a good argument. The writers also let Danny get in the last word. It really annoyed me. Politics should be kept out of shows like that. It is meant to be entertainment. Not to sway people either direction. And if they are going to do it, they can at least give each side of the “argument” a fair showing. The hypocrisy is astounding when you take a show that has a lot of use of guns, which is a sizable amount of appeal for the show, and add in the anti-gun political dribble. That is really annoying. I like the show. I just hate when writers do stuff like that. Hollywood really aggitates me sometimes.

Rant over


Is this a reboot of the original Hawaii Five-O series? I remember an episode from the original in the '70s in which they were demonizing “Saturday Night Specials.” I remember a ludicrous scene in which they tried to make them sound so menacing with a guy in a bar sounding tough, talking threateningly about his gun “with .25 stamped on the barrel.” :rofl: There are plenty of air rifles that out-power .25 ACP!


Yeah its the remake. Its very entertaining if you can dispell reality, although some stuff is pretty legit. It just really annoyed me when they tried to glomb on to this whole misinformation campaign.


I don’t know of a single show that DOESN’T do that. (Show their Liberal Card, I mean.)
Let me know if you run across one that doesn’t.


NCIS didn’t for the first two seasons; they didn’t even have a liberal card. Then new management started ruining it…


That’s the same thing that happened to Last Man Standing this year. They change the baby daddy and now he’s just complete hand-out wanting liberal d-bag. The first episode of the season was extremely hard to watch.