He Fights


This article goes back a ways and I didn’t see it posted here, using search?

I just couldn’t let it go un-posted since it lays out Trumps differences so clearly, the differences which makes him unique among all the past failures.

Even though I differ with the author on Bush, Mitt, McCain … (Author overlooks their faults), I agree with his point of view!



Exactly, Trump fights his enemies with the same decorum that the Democrats have been fighting with for as long as I have been following politics; and like the Left Trump draws no line when his opponent is above reproach (which was why I could not support him in the general election)

I have no problem with Trumps fire and decorum in general, it is an essential element in governance when your opposition recognizes no moral code or allegiance to anything beyond themselves; but meaningful change cannot happen when you alienate the most solid individuals who stand in the same arena you are fighting in.

Trump has set up his presidency as dependent upon pressure supplied by the voters to both congressional houses and Party’s, neither Party wants to help him so they will only if they fear the wrath of their constituents; that will be a hard plateau of passion to maintain for 4 years.


I think I understand President Trump. I didn’t when he was still “candidate Trump” and ascribed to him motivations that he obviously didn’t have. Right before his election, I began to “get” President Trump. I WOULD have voted for him but didn’t get to by the confluence of odd circumstances. It didn’t bother me at the time because I knew he’d be a shoo-in here in Oklahoma regardless. At any rate, I’m finding him to be literally brilliant. He plays his enemies like Jascha Hiefetz with a Stratavarius, and they all fall for it hook, line and sinker.