Heads roll at DNC


It’s like playing Dominoes. I think ol’ Hildybeest is throwing people under the bus left and right. What do you guys think?

Heads roll at DNC: 3 top officials out after email hack | Fox News


If it ever becomes common knowledge nation-wide (as it is to most conservatives) that NO ONE is more racist than a “progressive”–one of the first was Woodrow Wilson who segregated the Army and Navy racially and declared that “Birth of a Nation” was his “favorite” movie (it was about the formation of the KKK)–only then will Americans be ready for a true “revolution.”


I’m very surprised that even more shocking emails haven’t surfaced.


Sooner or later, she may find those dominoes going around in a circle, and one of them is going to fall on her…


She is covering her tracks and getting rid of those who know, this is all phony stuff…


I think they will be, only after the election.


I don’t know about this being phony, but I do know that her image has been damaged and she is making the lemmings pay for it.