Heart breaking.


Justice with Judge Jeanine Sat. 9pm ET on Fox News Channel on Twitter @JudgeJeanine - YouTube

A video from what I believe (not sure) is the only tv news outlet not to be covering this entire thing up or ignoring it altogether. This made me sick. :frown:


Can you give us a little info on it? I have slow dial-up, no can do you-tube.


It details the Benghazi affair, and how the liberals have covered the entire thing up. It’s barely even mentioned in the media. And Obama should be impeached and given the death penalty for his intentional negligence.




And I’ve been arguing with facebook people for the past two hours about the entire thing. They eat up the administration’s lame excuses. People are sheep. All you have to do is look at the facts and piece together a feasible explanation based on evidence. There are no excuses for what happened.